America At War: They’ve Killed Innocent Civilians!

14 May 2003: It’s the opening days of the first war of the new millennium and the images appear on nearly every television screen. Innocent civilians have been viciously killed, attacked by a faceless enemy. The camera pans to a building with its windows blown out by the force of the explosion and a burning car sits nearby. A woman with a weathered face is seen in the foreground crying at the loss of innocent life as the reality of the situation begins to grasp her senses.

Innocent people were going about their daily lives when their world was shattered by an enemy who invaded their nation and assaulted their national sovereignty. Images of bloodied people being carried away from the area of the explosion appear again on the television screen. I change the channel, but the same images appear on almost every network.

It’s a pornographic display of man’s inhumanity to man, and I’m certain that the court of world opinion will not be kind. I find myself asking how such a terrible thing could have happened - innocent people being killed in an act of undeclared war.

The woman’s shock begins to turn to anger at the invading enemy. Regardless of their intentions, this is no way to change the mind of a nation. “We will never forget what they’ve done to us,” cries the woman as I watch in horror.

These are not the images of the alleged errant missile that struck an Iraqi marketplace killing 14 and wounding 30. These images are of the World Trade Center, where the attacks on our country claimed nearly 3000 of innocents. These were the opening shots of the first war of the new millennium that began on September 11th, 2001.

The myopic court of world opinion is apparently in recess.

Copyright © Douglas J. Hagmann

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