Iran & Syria: the real war behind the war

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

13 February 2007: The new of late is the connection between arms from Iran being used in Iraq against US and coalition forces. This really is nothing new as this has been going on for years and not necessarily limited to Iran. In fact before the US forces shifted focus to the northern sectors of Iraqi territory there was a virtual freeway of foreign terrorists and arms along with munitions flowing in across the Syrian border, which is still happening today.

This current situation with Iranian munitions and arms which have been collected and presented as of late needs very close review. There is no doubt that Iran is supplying training and arms but the recipients of these need to be more clearly defined in these presentations and arguments. In other words we aren’t making a good case.

There needs to be a clarification made that Iran and Syria are not just supplying the Shi’ite Muslims but also supplying Sunni insurgent and terrorist groups. This all was lumped together this last week and should be made clearer to the American people.

Iran is a Shi’ite Muslim country with their leaders being Shi’ite Muslims. This gives them a religious alliance with the militia of Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shi’ite leader operating out of Baghdad whose militia are actively waging attacks against the Sunni Muslims which is what the majority of the insurgent and terrorist groups actively attacking US and Coalition forces on a daily basis.

To make this a bit clearer, not only is Iran supplying the Shi’ite militia with training and arms, they are also supplying the Sunni’s who are fighting the Shi’ites. This really makes Iran the bad guy here because they didn’t just choose sides but instead are supplying both sides in the regional conflict between the two sects of Muslims. This shows intent on Iran’s part of causing a situation that is almost impossible to bring under control. They are the real enemy behind the scenes in Iraq. Reality is that this is bigger than Iran just choosing sides in Iraq as they are playing both ends against the middle.

Bear in mind that 95% of any attacks against coalition forces are the results of attacks by Sunni insurgent and terrorist groups. There have been clashes as of late between Sadr’s militia and US Forces but that is the exception, not the norm. I look at the films everyday coming out of Iraq and the vast majority of attacks are Sunni based groups, not Shi’ite groups. The munitions and serial numbers presented for display this week were said to be the “Weapons being used against US Forces that are being supplied by Iran according to the serial numbers”. Sunni, Shi’ite or both? Lets look at that closely.

So somehow, these munitions are evidence from captures of Sunni based group supplies and not necessarily items taken from the Shi’ite militias that we clearly know are being supplied by Iran? This places Iran as the supplier behind the Sunni groups as well.

The thing that has troubled me the most that no one really talks about nor have they clearly defined is exactly how this conflict really got started between the Shi’ites and Sunni Muslims. The old standby that is thrown around is because of their differences within the new Iraqi democracy. No, no it’s much deeper than that. When the tensions first became very apparent, I had discussions with various people where I had pointed out that it was clearly certain that whoever got it started hadn’t really chosen sides but had instead pitted the two groups against each other. But who would that be? The indication and deciding factor that the US wasn’t behind the pitting of the two was that the attacks against our troops didn’t let up when the civil war started. [Regional Conflict is the PC term for this unrest within the country of Iraq]. That left Iran and Syria clearly as the perpetrators of this criminal action with Russia in the mix somewhere.

The focus of this weeks discussions in the media has been focused on Iran but I caution anyone who is reading this to also hold Syria accountable. Syria and Iran are two peas in a rotten pod and no matter how we choose to deal with Iran we should include Syria in the same measure. They are both evil regimes that are causing bloody conflict in Iraq as well as Lebanon and are fueling tensions in Palestine between the groups there. The only region where they haven’t been successful in starting a Muslim based divisional conflict is in Afghanistan. I would attribute this to the solidarity of the Taliban and al Qa’ida as they share the same thoughts and doctrines.

One could say “Who cares if they are killing each other?” Granted it sounds good to the uninformed onlooker but when you have multiple regional conflicts occurring where there are no clearly defined reasons (by sane measures, even doctrinal measures) there is a much greater chance of a spark starting a full blown conflict in the region into which the countries of the United States, Israel, Turkey, Jordan or Russia and even other neighboring powers could end up having to respond and not necessarily in each others favor.

Iran is focused on a world wide conflict, Islam against the West and the people that should be concerned with this don’t seem to be, and the ones that seem to be partially aware either don’t know the details or are not telling the American people the full story.

The paradox and the downfall of the United States lies in the fact is that we have a Democratic Congress and Presidential candidates who want to bail out of Iraq, are openly dead set against a war with Iran or Syria yet in the same breath criticize the President for how he is handling this war against terror. They have either ignorantly or purposefully tied his hands politically. This latest useless resolution that the Democrats drew up is proof of their idiocy and intent. The resolution holds no weight and to me indicates a possible attempt in the near future to perhaps impeach the President. We are a nation divided during a time of war. We have fallen right into Islam’s plan of Divide and Conquer.

I ask this of the Democrats who want to be President and who are running Congress “How in the hell can you protect me from the enemy when you don’t recognize who the enemy is?”

Be advised people, the war against terror isn’t limited to insurgent groups in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and al Qai’da, it is also against states [countries] that sponsor or support terrorism. Iran, Syria, Russia and North Korea just for starters. Take off the blinders and get the big picture, look at the whole painting. The war is against anyone who sponsors terrorism, teaches terrorism or commits terrorism. These people are not just in caves, bunkers and thrones in the Middle East, they are in mosques, Islamic organizations, prisons, meeting rooms, apartments and warehouses here in the United States.

I close with this. If you are going to point fingers at Iran, [and rightfully so] then point the fingers at Syria, Russia and the others involved here too. These regional conflicts between these Muslim groups are a direct result of Iran and Syria’s involvement at every level, in every case. Watch the recent interviews with both the leaders of Iran and Syria. It was like listening to the same person speaking each time. These two countries want a world wide conflict of unprecedented levels. These evil Islamic masterminds are willing to not only kill us, the infidels but will kill their own to achieve their goals of a global conflict between Islam and the West.

Anytime now, I expect a small incident somewhere to set the wheels in motion to a global conflict that will affect all of us terribly.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.