The 110th Congress, Asleep at the Wheel

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

21 January 2007: The new Congress known as the 110th Congress which took office on January 1, 2007 could be the catalyst for the total destruction of this nation. The country has been watching this majority collection of pacifists, turncoats, agents of Islam and uniformed persons intently since they took over a few weeks ago. I personally think we are engaged in a futile effort as to defending ourselves against the looming terrorist threat and the onslaught of Islam, but hey I’m just a taxpayer. I’m just one of the people paying for this collection of clowns. I have a ring side seat to the circus.

The ones who are supposed to be informed on who the enemy is don’t have a clue and don’t know the difference between a Sunni Muslim and a Shi’ite Muslim and certainly are not aware of what is going on around them, right under their nose. I’d pay good money to sit in an “Intelligence” session with these people simply as an observer. Of course afterwards I’d probably get on a plane and leave the country for good.

We allowed Muslim Keith Ellison to be elected into the most powerful voting body within the US Government and if you think this won’t affect this great nation just look at his hometown. You have Muslims whining and protesting against various things, the taxi cab drivers refusing to transport passengers who go against their Islamic beliefs and the incident on the airliner with the six imans. Funny how all the dots connect back to where Ellison the Muslim is from isn’t it? Coincidence? I don’t think so. This will surely only multiply and grow as time goes on, except on a national level. That’s just wonderful news.

The majority of the Democrats are clueless as to the war on terror and it didn’t even make their priority list. No smoking in the chambers took a front seat while national security is till being moved around on the priority board. Nancy Pelosi is on the verge of total ecstasy being the first female Speaker of the House and is totally whisked away in petty thoughts and delusions of grandeur. It may be 2008 before she can write a complete sentence or carry a collection of coherent thoughts in her brain because she is so high right now on herself. Osama bin Laden may be in the White House before she comes back to earth.

I saw a very intense piece of irony with their statements about George Bush wanting to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq. The irony is this. These are the very people that busted the Presidents chops when he landed on that aircraft carrier and had the “Mission Accomplished” banner displayed behind him yet with what they want to do they are thinking the exact same thing. They are acting as though the mission in Iraq is accomplished and it is time to leave. Leaving Iraq prematurely would be a huge mistake as that country would totally sink into a full blown civil war and countries like Iran and Syria would move in and turn that country into a Taliban State. These Democrats have forgotten what happened in Afghanistan when Islamic influence is left to itself in an unorganized state. The Democrats have forgotten that Afghanistan was the playground of al Qa’ida and the Taliban and that Islamic cesspool was where the 9-11 operation was conceived, trained for and dispatched from. I guess we didn’t bury enough Americans back then for the thought to remain in their memory.

We have started the “destined for failure” navigation of the slippery slope. We are allowing the enemy to be seated at our table. We don’t uniformly across the board even know who the enemy is which is apparent by the words and the action of the Democrats and even a few Republicans (the turncoats). I watched some ding dong the other night stating very adamantly that they (Congress) have to approve any actions against Iran which is translated as “there won’t be any actions against Iran”. So far I’ve heard the list of “we won’t” but I have yet to hear a valid list of the “we wills”.

The new Congress does not recognize that we are at war in more than just Iraq. They refuse to recognize the true enemy of the state, Islam. They will instead import Islam, coddle Islam and accept Islam. It will start with making profiling of Muslims illegal. It will then be a move, backed by Islamic influence to disarm the people. This will further be fed by various legislative amendments and laws to make provisions and special conditions for Islam in various sectors within this country. I actually envision this Congress trying to impeach the President soon if they don’t get their way. Law Enforcement agencies will become more ineffective than they are now due to further restrictions. We might as well fire the Border Patrol because those poor people are afraid to do their jobs since they could end up in prison.

Soon, if you speak out against Islam, such as this article, you could be prosecuted for a “hate crime” by the very country you are protecting.

Soon America will be choked and have the life squeezed out of it by the Islamic serpent. It has already begun.

Sleep well America because your Congress certainly is asleep at the wheel.