This Week in Islam

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

28 March 2008: Over the last few days it’s been rather amusing to watch the reactions from the worlds Islamic population with regard to Geert Wilders film appropriately named “Fitna” which has multiple meanings yet all related to pain or torment. He could have just named it “Islam” as that also means nothing short of pain and torment. Every ISP freaked out when that tasty tidbit came out this week. The ever politically correct company Network Solutions clamped down on the website that was supposed to show the film due to pressure from Muslims. Seems everywhere that film popped up, it was canned. Of course showed some guts and let it stay where it was posted. It’s okay to post film of a terrorist attack or even a beheading or two, but not anything denouncing the cult of the devil himself, Islam. Adolph Hitler would have loved the internet.

Meanwhile the FBI continues to warm up to CAIR and show them love while these terrorist supporting Muslims are continually exposed for having terrorist connections from their inception. People just fail to realize that CAIR is a tool, a well financed tool of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi’s who are jihadi financiers funneling billions to terrorists worldwide while sharing warm cozy nights by the fire with people from our government in their lush palaces bought with your gasoline dollars. Yes, in a roundabout way, we are financing our own demise. Ironic, isn’t it. So go buy an SUV and preferably American made so at least someone benefits financially here in the United States before Armageddon hits the calendar.

I noticed that the book “Alms for Jihad” showed up on the internet a couple of weeks ago. I could just see the Saudi sphincters tightening up when that one showed up since they went to such great lengths to have that book banned all around the world. Seems the Saudis get all upset when people tell the truth about their goals and intentions to make Islam the only religion in the world. Get the book, read it and get a better understanding of how it is a Muslim’s obligation to finance jihad. It’s like Protestants do with their tithe money except we haven’t resorted to funding murder and terrorism with our contributions. Our definition of “giving to a mission’s fund” obviously differs from their idea of a “Missions Fund”. Their missions include suicide belts and VBIED’s.

And in Algeria, the second to last newest front for al Qai’da the terrorist powers that be decided to kidnap some Austrians to further their popularity in the world. Odd, I though these Muslims were all about Peace, Love and Tolerance. In this case, it was a piece of a human sent to verify that they were held, the love of a several million dollar ransom and …well I’m still working on the tolerance angle. Of course the European types will probably give up the gold. Dumbasses. Good thing they weren’t hostages from the Netherlands as the government there would have sent chocolates and flowers to the Muslim terrorists along with the money.

And of course here we are listening to the talking heads on the news still debating whether Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim or not. Seems his grandmother claims he is, or at least she did before she was muzzled and decided to change her story. The part that everyone seems to be missing is this. If Mr. Osama Obama did indeed change religions and converted from Islam, he would either be dead already or you would hear cries, screams and protests worldwide as it definitely goes against Islam to drop out of the religion. Islam is like the Mafia. You don’t “Just Quit” Islam. Just take a look at all the protests and cries from the Muslims about the Pope baptizing a Muslim into the Christian or Catholic religion in Italy recently. People also seem to forget that it is entirely permissible according to the Quran toilet paper text to lie to the infidels to benefit and further the Islamic cause. Are the American people really this stupid?  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Osama bin Laden also decided to speak from the cave or the grave this last week by way of audio tape although I’m not sure which. I remember a guy named Rich Little that impersonated Richard M. Nixon pretty good so I’m not sure that the al Qai’da chieftain is still around. A video would be a bit more convincing and hopefully something better than the last Grecian Formula commercial he did for us. It doesn’t really matter as there are plenty of terrorist types to fill the upper ranks. We kill them and they are replaced by sundown. Can’t really kill a movement now can we?

I love the way that George Bush continues on about al Qai’da as if it is still a band of bad guys roaming the Afghanistan wilderness reading Jet Pilot magazines. One day maybe we could get him to replace the buzzword “al Qai’da” and replace it with something legitimate like “Islam” or “Muslims”. He still uses it like your folks used the word “Bogeyman” when you were a kid just to scare the crap out of you.

Mr. President, can the al Qai’da rhetoric and call it like it is. It is called “Islam” and al Qai’da is merely an operational arm of a much larger problem. Al Qai’da is the front, the demons for the larger threat, the devils tool called “Islam”. You claim to be a Christian, so read your bible. Have mommy read it to you if you cannot comprehend what it says. Focus on the last book of the New Testament. Browse through Ezekiel. Think outside the box. Of course maybe he thinks its his job to personally deliver Armageddon to us, so maybe that’s the plan. If that is the plan though I’d like to see Iran removed from the planet just prior to that scenario.

I’ll quite picking on him for now and shift over to the State Department. Let’s see, that office is occupied by Condoleezza Rice. There is a tragic waste of a nameplate and office space. I am beginning to think she is in cahoots with Obama for a White House bid. That is indeed a bad visual, Obama in the Oval Office and Rice as coconspirator in turning America over to Islam.

That is all for now, as my head is starting to hurt from all of this Islamic poison seeping into my country’s bloodstream. Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and see that it was all a bad dream. Wasn’t this morning but then again tomorrow is another day.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.  03.28.08