Hey, Did You Hear The One About The Six Imams?

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

28 November 2006: The first Iman says to his buddies “Lets book a flight on an American passenger flight”. The second Iman says “We should act suspicious since people in America are so scared of Middle Eastern men after 9/11″. The third Iman says “I’ll bring some of our favorite prayers to recite in Arabic to get the other passengers upset”. The fourth Iman says “I’ll call CAIR and let them know what we are doing so they can claim racial discrimination and profiling against Muslims afterwards”. The fifth Iman says “I’ll signal all of you so we can stand up prior to, and during, the take-off roll and act really suspicious”.

After a noticeable silence they looked at the sixth Iman and asked “You been real quiet over there, what are you going to do?” The sixth Iman said “I’m going to call my credit card company because after we do this extremely stupid thing, we are going to have to book tickets on another airline and I don’t want to go over limit!.”

Joke isn’t funny? Well what happened that day wasn’t funny either.

Six idiots who knew exactly what they were doing long before they boarded the US Airways flight out of Minnesota. Speaking about Iraq and their open disagreement with US policies there, praying in Arabic, standing up when they were instructed to remain seated, acting like asses in general got them removed from the plane.

Immediately, CAIR gets involved although I really believed they knew about this stunt long before these six stooges boarded the flight. They are screaming racial discrimination, screaming that we profile Muslims and treated them unfairly.


Hardly. Remember they were already on the flight. If anyone had been truly profiling they would not have been allowed to even board the plane after their bizarre behavior while still in the terminal. So, there was no profiling and the claim is the typical Islamic load of crap.

Did they deserve to be suddenly under suspicion aboard the plane? Yes, and they are lucky that the other passengers didn’t react a bit stronger to their behavior. It could have gotten real ugly on that plane. Instead, the passengers simply passed a note and expressed a concern with six passengers. This complaint was no different than if it had been a person of any race, color or creed under the influence of alcohol or with a medical problem and doing stupid things or acting strangely.

Did they deserve to be removed from the flight and taken in for questioning? Damn right considering their behavior and the simple fact that they posed a possible threat just any individuals acting outside of the characteristics of a normal passenger.

Lets see. Muslim men praying out loud being of suspicion. Maybe if you didn’t have a history among your men of praying in Arabic just before you detonate and kill innocent people all over the world, your “prayers” wouldn’t have been as a potential threat. Ever hear of silent prayer? Try it. It works well among others too.

This is another example of Islam trying to play the American system in their favor, getting media coverage and claiming that they are discriminated against.

You would think that these supposedly “wise” men, known as Imans would know that the reaction from passengers would be as it was. So they either planned it or they are truly stupid and their “religious leaders”, their “Imans” are complete idiots. We’ll let them make that call. It’s one or the other. I’d go with either choice myself.

People, this is another example of Islam bullying Americans and trying to manipulate the system. They claim that they want to be treated equally yet they refuse to comply with our way of life, laws and simple common sense within our culture. I mean, “WAKE UP MUSLIMS”, the hijackings on 9/11 were all performed by Middle Eastern men in small groups on passenger jets. How did they think they would be treated?

Yeah, they knew exactly what the reaction would be.

Islamphobia?  Call it what you want but you created it. I call it “Islam Awareness” and it falls under the category of self preservation. You made your bed on 9/11 and numerous other times, now lie in it.

I applaud everyone on that airplane that were smart enough to be concerned and I applaud the authorities for using good sense and placing safety and security over the political correctness that could have prevailed.

Be safe and stay vigilant.