Why Peace in the Middle East is Impossible

By Randy Taylor,-Independent Analyst

20 July 2006: For years now we have heard debate and discussion on why there is constant conflict in the Middle East. The “Road Map to Peace” was a failure as predicted and there is no peace in sight.

People ask “Why is there constant fighting in the Middle East?” The answer to that age old question is two fold. The first part is that half of the equation is Islam itself and Islam’s attitude towards the rest of the non-Islamic world and the second notable reason is because in every scenario where there is conflict there are actual terrorists or supporters of same in positions of power or influence, the exact positions being those that any negotiations for peace would have to be brokered with.

In other words, it is an exercise in futility. You cannot seriously expect to conduct meaningful negotiations with terrorists or supporters of terrorism. I’m not sure exactly where in the past it suddenly became acceptable to recognize known terrorists as national leaders and show them the respect due to a legitimate head of state. Perhaps it was in 1974 when Yassar Arafat showed up at United Nations with his notorious “Olive Branch” speech. Had we been thinking correctly we should have arrested him on the spot. Instead we placated him as the head of the Palestinian problem while he meanwhile improved and perfected the concept of terrorism as a bargaining tool and a political leverage point while collecting millions upon millions of dollars while being the number one recognized terrorist in the Middle East. When he died, we accepted another terrorist in his place as the recognized leader of Palestine. I guess we didn’t learn from Arafat.

We as a country and as a world community gave terrorism the legitimacy that it has today. Is it too late to change the past mistakes? The answer to that is “No” as Israel is solving the problem right now. Israel’s current mission is to wipe out Hezbollah which is a noble, necessary effort and certainly long overdue. We should make it clear that we support them in their efforts with stern (meaningful- not like the recent warnings we issued North Korean) warnings against their involvement in supporting Hezbollah, Hamas or any of the other terrorist organizations in the region or moving against Israel as nations.

We, not just as Americans or people of the western world, but as civilized humans need to rid humanity of these terrorist entities wherever they are. This isn’t just the job of just the United States and Israel but is the job of the civilized world as a whole. The people in this world that think the solution is by ignoring this threat or staying out of these countries where terrorist thrive are simply stupid people. The terrorists have shown us time and time again that this is not a problem isolated to the Middle East. It cannot be ignored and it will not simply go away by being left unattended. The terrorists have come into our country and attacked us. They will attack us again and next time it will make 9/11 look rather trivial in comparison.

The threat of Islamic terrorism must be crushed now. Not negotiated with, not placated, not supported through trade or economics. We have it in our head somehow without saying it aloud, that the countries that support terrorism have us over a barrel. If we continue to think that way then the terrorists have won. We empower them with that attitude.

I watched Kofi Annan this morning on the television speaking about Israel and the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. How that idiot maintains that position in the UN is beyond comprehension as he is absolutely without any back bone. The gist of this speech today was that somehow Israel is at fault. What part of combat and armed conflict does this guy not understand? Has he not noticed that Hezbollah is hiding behind civilians? People like Kofi Annan are the primary reason that terrorists have the leverage and power they have today. He should be removed from the UN or the UN should be disbanded altogether as it offers the same seats to terrorist states that it offers to democratic civilized countries.

I applaud Israel in their efforts to hunt down and destroy Hezbollah. The world should do the same as it is in the interest of mankind to see that Hezbollah is destroyed. But, we won’t because we are surrounded by people in our societies that think terrorism will just go away someday. Terrorism is growing, not receding.

Islam and Islamic terrorism is like the water leak in the roof. You can placate the leak with buckets for a while. Soon the roof collapses and the buckets were proven to be a waste of time. Islam and Islamic terrorism is leaking in through the roof, windows and doors. The buckets didn’t work. What are we going to do to insure that the roof doesn’t collapse?

Stay safe.


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