Planet of the Islamic Apes

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

13 January 2008: I recently was able to view some of my favorite movies with all the various channels playing back to back marathons of movies during the holiday. One of my favorites has always been the “Planet of the Apes” series. As a child, these were fascinating films so I figured a replay was in order.

As I watched the first film, the actual “Planet of the Apes” with the three astronauts landing in the remote desert lake, stumbling into a primitive civilization run by ignorant beasts where people were killed on a whim, I was reminded of the world of Islam.

The similarities were incredible throughout the films, including a “religion” set up by some monkey in years past. Regardless of the ridiculous nature and teachings of the “Sacred Scrolls” (ie: The teachings of Mohammed) the beats still followed them without question. Even when stared in the face with proof that the teachings were ridiculous, fraudulent, the monkeys, the apes still adhered to the teachings.

The relevance of the film is this. Mohammed, his teachings and the origin of Islam bears no more credibility than the “Sacred Scrolls” used by the apes, the religion and teachings of the prophet monkey, the “Lawgiver” who is also no more credible than Mohammed in Islam or Islam itself. The ridiculous nature of the apes teachings is almost directly proportionate to the ridiculousness perpetuated by Islam in their teachings.

The focus of the apes is exactly the same as Islam, to exterminate anything outside of their race, their culture. They hunt down the humans and either kill them or take them prisoner for much more grisly treatment such as torture or sport killing. Just like these Islamic terrorists do all around the world. The parallel is that in the film, the humans are hated, hunted and killed by the Apes because of the teachings and rules that the “Lawgiver” had passed down some time before for the apes to live by. This is an exact parallel to Islam as their teachings encourage the extermination of anything not Islam, the Christians and the Jews because some centuries before, the Islamic “lawgiver”, Mohammed passed down some ridiculous teachings for Muslims.

As well, duly noted in the movie was the fact that is was a crime to investigate the authenticity of the Sacred Scrolls or visit the “Forbidden Zone” because the “Lawgiver” had decreed this. Sound a bit familiar? Mohammed indeed did forbid Muslims to look outside of their “religion” in fear that some might wise up and forsake the cult-like teachings he had made up.

And of course there were the “moderate” apes, Zira and Cornelius who in the end were loyal to their ape religion. They talked a good show but when they were given the choice at the end to travel with Taylor to find the truth and forsake the monkey religion, they opted to stay behind with the apes. Sounds just like the moderate Muslim who talks a good show but in the end is still a Muslim, regardless.

Also noted was the fact that the religion of the apes was also their governmental makeup, how they ran their society and made all their decisions based solely on the teachings of the “Lawgiver”. That is Islam in a nutshell as they also run their governments based on that ridiculous cult handbook named Islam.

The total destruction of an American city in the film didn’t go unnoticed by this author either. The Statue of Liberty, along with other various New York City landmarks, etc. Just as Islam plans for the United States.

This editorial isn’t intended as a movie review instead it is intended to point out how Islam has no validity than the “religion” and teachings of an ape in a science fiction movie. The logic used by the apes is identical to the logic displayed by Muslims world wide. Just as the apes in the film, the Muslims do not care to examine the source of their teachings for fear of what they will find to be true. Mohammed was a salesman and a pedophile, not a prophet. He was a smooth talker who used fear as his weapon. He was willing to kill and encourage killing to perpetuate his product.

Muslims call the Jews and Christians “dogs, pigs and monkeys” and treat us as such. After watching this movie “Planet of the Apes” and looking at Islam’s origin being no more valid than the origin of the apes laws and teachings, I’d have to say that the Muslims are the actual monkeys.

Be safe and stay vigilant. 01.13.08