America: While We Were Sleeping

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

23 March 2007: A great man, a great President once said these simple words:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

These words were spoken by Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States. Remember these words.

The year is 2037 and there is a knock on your door in suburbia USA. The dark skinned uniformed men at your door very rudely tell you that your presence is immediately requested at the town square in front of the mosque that was built there some twenty years ago. As the men follow you into your house uninvited you sense the worst and quickly inventory the people in your home. Your wife was there when you woke up and you saw your son in the hallway on your way to answer the door. Your daughter is a heavy sleeper and you hasten to her room to wake her up unaware of the men behind you.

As you open the door you see that the bed hasn’t been slept in and her jacket which usually hangs on her bedpost is gone as well. One of the uniformed thugs says something in Arabic and hits you in the kidney area with the butt of his AK47. You fall to your knees and this action results in several well placed kicks to various places on your body. Obviously out of patience the largest of the three men grabs you by your hair and starts dragging you towards the front door. Your wife and son are terrified. You assure them that it will be okay and you stumble towards the vehicle waiting outside. A few more shoves and kicks and you are firmly nested in the back seat between two of the uniformed men.

As you arrive on the grounds of the town square and exit the vehicle and start across the lawn towards the mosque which is also the local government office, you are confused. There is what appears to be a crumpled body resting at the foot of the large oak tree there and what appears to be a rope protruding from the body and out into the grass. You are quite relieved to see that this isn’t your daughter and continue to the mosque grounds. There is a crowd gathering there. As you approach the crowd parts and what you see will stay in your mind forever. Your daughter, bruised and bleeding is buried up to her chest in the ground with her arms pinned at her sides, terrified. The local cleric walks up to you and demands to know if this is your child, your daughter. You fumble out the words that yes she is indeed your daughter and the cleric stares you down with cold, dark eyes clutching the Qu’ran at his chest. He signals the uniformed escort who then shackle you to the lamp post with hand cuffs and leg irons. Your daughter’s screams are echoing in your ears.

The cleric quiets down the crowd and reads a few verses from the Qu’ran. In addition he pulls out some additional papers and starts reading from them and you catch the words fatwa, permissible ruling or something like that. As he reads the crowd, mostly dark olive skinned men mixed with a few Caucasian men nod and chant in approval. You are at a loss for what is being said but you are sure you knew something of the Islamic law. However you are also aware that it changes from district to district, from town to town according to the cleric in that area. That explains the additional ruling, the ruling he read from.

A million thoughts are racing through your head as you recall as a child there was a Constitution that applied to all American people and the rules were fairly clear and all people had rights. They had a right to speak in a situation like this. All that changed some ten or fifteen years ago when the Muslim President disbanded the Supreme Court and appointed a Supreme Council. The Senate and Congress were largely Muslim and the rest were Democrats who seemed to approve. This changed things for everyone.

Your thoughts drift back to the present as the cleric walks over to your daughter and places a black fabric over her head and ties it into place with another long length of fabric. It is only then that you notice the bags of rocks and stones, mostly softball size or larger being dumped out onto the ground within fifteen or twenty feet of your mostly buried and screaming daughter. With a nod from the cleric, the dark skinned men along with some Caucasian men start hurling stones at your daughter. The first rock hits her right in the head and she goes silent. The screams stop but the men do not. They keep pelting her with stones, you scream, they chant, you scream, they chant.

You are frantically fighting the handcuffs, fighting the leg restraints and this brings a blow to the back of your head with an AK47. You go limp, out cold.

Later as you lay in front of your home, you awaken to see your wife and son huddling, crying. Your wife explains that your daughter had snuck out and met with her boyfriend the night before, down by the park at the lake. When the Islamic police patrol happened upon them, their clothing was slightly undone and they were on the ground locked in a loving embrace. This however is against Islamic law and the boyfriend was hanged at sunrise. You daughter was executed because according to the ruling of the local cleric she was no more than a filthy prostitute who deserved to die. According to the cleric, it is Allah’s law.

Twenty five years ago, this would not have happened. After all they were just kids. But, things changed. Subtle changes at first. A few Muslims were elected into office, then a Muslim actually became president and that is when things really changed. God was totally removed from the schools and two years later God was removed from the currency. The government then passed laws which made it illegal for citizens to own weapons. It didn’t happen all at once but maybe over 10-12 years.

It seemed minor at the time but in your mind you remember a definite turning point. That day that they removed the sign from your church and made it into a mosque sticks out as a day you remember. You were told by law that you had to attend mosque and attend Friday prayers. It was the law. The children were issued copies of the Qu’ran at school. No Bibles were allowed anymore. Soon crosses were against the law to own or display.

You remember at first there was some resistance from some of the folks in town, but it was the new law. You also remembered that some of them disappeared. You weren’t sure if they moved or not but they and their families were gone. At the time you thought it was odd that they would leave their possessions and leave at night, but maybe they weren’t happy anymore. It was the same with the Jewish real estate guy downtown on Main. Just up and left everything. Gone.

The politicians who were in office said this was good, this is what America needed. You went along as it seemed to be a peaceful solution.

The year is 2007. This was a glimpse into the future if we keep going at present rate. There is time to change America. Oh this won’t be you in this scenario, it will be your son, your grandson, your daughter maybe her daughter.

We are surrendering to Islam a little piece at a time just as they wish. They know this won’t happen overnight but in 20-30 years your country will be a different place. You may not notice until it is too late. You will surrender your liberties and freedoms one at a time, piece by piece.

Wake up America. Remember “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

This is your generation, your country, your children’s country. Keep America free.

Stay safe, be vigilant.