Pointless Credentials- Flashing the US Ally Card

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

16 August 2008: This week as Russia pounded the small country of Georgia, a US ally, one has to wonder what the benefits of being a US ally really are? In World War II it meant that if an enemy such as Nazi Germany decided to invade your borders, then kill your people and level your cities and towns you could count on a military response from the United States. We would come to your defense. We would unleash our might to defend you. Now it means we will send you Band-Aids and food. Big deal. You will get as much thought as someone sending a late birthday card to an uncle they never really liked. The Kuwaitis in the crosshairs of Iraq in the early 1990’s received much better response than Georgia did this week. But then we have vested interest in Kuwait whereas in Georgia all we had was a willingness to be an ally. The bases and missile defense shield weren’t built yet. That is one of the reasons nothing was done. Georgia is only a fraternity pledge at this point. This must have been “Hell Week”.

The fact that they sent troops into Iraq as a US ally, third largest contributor of troops means nothing. The fact that the majority of the people in Georgia are of the Christian faith also means nothing. The fact that Georgia not only is an ally but would prove most helpful in the upcoming conflicts with Iran and Russia also mean nothing.

The leadership and people in Georgia aren’t going to be too quick to want to do anything with the US now since we let their people get slaughtered and allowed the Russian war machine to move freely into their sovereign territory unobstructed. Flashing that US ally card meant absolutely nothing in this case and it only further proves that the United States is not respected nor even feared by rogue nations who seek to destroy at will. Georgia’s big brother, the USA, will do absolutely nothing on this playground except stand on the sidelines and voice their displeasure at the fight.

Ah, but this is Election Year and no one wants to upset the political apple cart. There is a great divide in this nation over the US involvement in other countries and the Republicans are afraid the votes would sway to the Democraps if we flexed some muscle. We only voiced our displeasure from the sidelines. We never once flat ass told Putin that we would respond militarily if he didn’t cease and desist. We never even suggested military response by the United States. No, we spoke of peace and solidarity with the Georgian people publicly. We sent our prayers out to them. We pulled our skirts down around our knees and remained modestly apathetic. That’s our style anymore.

The argument heard at the water cooler this week is that we cannot possibly think of fighting Russia while we are engaged militarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. My first response was to move the water cooler to the warehouse into the 100 degree temperatures and then to point out to these idiots that if Iraq and Afghanistan have us that stretched militarily then we need to hang it up. How can we possibly defend ourselves against Russia, China and the Middle East? People in the Middle East and unfortunately the rest of the world think that the Islamic militants are whipping our asses in these two sandboxes. Even the US citizens don’t get it. These are small regional fights that are only being fought mostly on the ground because the enemy uses guerilla tactics. It has nothing to do with US might or power because these conflicts are being fought in a Politically Correct manner. We are not at war with the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are at war with Islamic Terrorists within these countries. There is a huge difference between being at war with a country and being at war with rogue elements within a country. If we were to take the gloves off, disregard the Political Over-Watch of how wars are fought and decide to rip some rogue country a new one, it would be over very quickly. But see, we don’t like to see CNN news reports of civilian casualties so we now fight politically correct wars that get stretched out for years and cost us trillions of dollars.

The real fallacy of the Democratic left is how when we engage an enemy with US Forces they are there trying to referee the fight and restrain the military. Yet when a country like Georgia gets invaded and the people get slaughtered in the streets, they somehow manage to turn a blind eye to the civilian casualties. It is an anomaly. Democrats are a political anomaly. Republican politicians are falling into the same sewer unfortunately.

In closing, after the world watched how we backed our “Allies” in Georgia, when we send out our US Ally Special Invitation Cards in the next upcoming military conflict, we shouldn’t be too surprised at the “Return to Sender” envelopes coming back.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.