Successor to Deceased Taliban Leader Mullah Dadullah named

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

19 May 2007: Dadullah Mansoor, the brother slain Taliban al Qaeda leader has been named as the new leader of the al Qaeda-Taliban terrorist forces in Afghanistan according to news reports from overseas. The death of the former Taliban al Qaeda leader happened last Sunday during a firefight with US and Coalition forces.

The brother who will assume command is one of five Taliban prisoners released in exchange for Daniele Mastrogiacomo, an Italian journalist kidnapped while working in Afghanistsan. This is further evidence that no good comes from negotiating and releasing prisoners in exchange for hostages. It sets a bad precedent and leads to much more in the way of future deaths.

From a strategic standpoint this is a well thought out move by the leadership of the terrorist entity. Dudallah Mansoor will no doubt engage US and Coalition troops with a vengeance on behalf of his slain brother. This can result in being either very effective as a commander or mistakes being made due to emotion rather than sound judgment in battle and pre-battle planning.

On an additional note, there is rumor in the al Qaeda forums that there will soon be a release by Ayman al-Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden himself in a tribute of sorts to their slain subordinate. This is only a rumor at this point especially since the last time it was rumored that Osama Bin Laden would make a release, he was a no show.