VA Tech Murders: A Glimpse into the Future

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

22 April 2007: The tragedy of the VA Tech murders isn’t necessarily the body count but instead the fact that one lone person with murder on their mind can commit such a horrendous act in our civilized society. It only accentuates our vulnerability as a people, as a nation.

This is indeed a newsworthy event but let us not forget that this is becoming commonplace all across the planet. Islamic terrorists are killing this many people every day in various places around the world. Markets being targeted in Iraq are producing death counts that far exceed this shooting in Virginia but we somehow distance ourselves from that cold, harsh reality because it isn’t happening here everyday. Well, at least not yet. But we will witness as time goes on, there will be far greater atrocities happening here in the United States. That is reality. We will bury many of our own.

As time goes by there will be more shooting in malls, colleges, high schools and even grade schools. There is an element of evil in this nation and there are people of all ages that have reached such a point of either callous or desperation that they will unleash their terror on anyone they can find in a captive setting such as a mall, school or auditorium. These acts will be committed by our own citizens and by terrorists from among us and from abroad. It is an effective tool that can be used by anyone who wishes to terrorize the helpless, the innocent or anyone for that matter. It is for their cause, whatever that cause may be. As we take God out of the schools, we are making room for the devil to reside there. We didn’t have these problems in our schools thirty years ago. Not at the levels we are seeing today.

As we continue to import immigrants from countries where this is commonplace such as South America, Mexico and the Middle East it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these people, who come from countries where there is little to no value placed on human life have ultimately brought their way of thinking, their values or lack of same to this country. This holds true especially with the people from Islamic countries, whereas we witness everyday that they think very little of human life.

Problem right now is not just the threat from the organized Islamic organizations such as al Qa’ida or Hezbollah but a threat that is much harder to detect, the Lone Wolf terrorist. This shooting at VA Tech is an example of what is in store for us. There is speculation of Islam’s involvement in this but it is too early to prove or disprove. It doesn’t really matter as what I’m pointing out isn’t just the fact there may be an Islamic connection but what our open society must realize. This fact is that we are targets for this type of terrorism because of how our society is structured. It is impossible to defend against. The terrorists know this too.

The inundation of Islam into and upon our society isn’t helping as we are seeing the results everyday of the Islamic poison affecting the already unstable mind. The recent shooting in Utah at the mall, the incident at the Oklahoma University with Joel Henrichs who was involved in the local mosques, the Oklahoma City Bombing at the Murrah Federal Building are prime examples of the effects that Islam has on a potential killer, the disenchanted ones within our society. These people are perfect targets for Islamic influence. Islam seeks them out so that terrorism can be committed by someone from among us, not necessarily a person of Middle Eastern descent. These are examples of the  ideal “Lone Wolf Terrorist”. You will see many, many more. They are being sought, recruited and cultivated by Islam.

Whether or not this VA Tech shooting has anything to do with Islam isn’t important at this point. It is similar to incidents with Islamic influence behind them so the pattern fits Islam. They are indeed guilty of the deaths of Americans and they are planning the deaths of many more.

The mainstream media for the most part has dropped the ball on this entire incident as to having any positive effect in this. Right from the start they sought to seek blame and point fingers instead of using this as a positive tool to either avoid or minimize future events of this type. They focused on the blame game, gun laws and general mainstream media stupidity. However, I was impressed with Sheppard Smith from FOX news in his coverage as he sought to place the events in the proper perspective. He didn’t jump on the blame bandwagon which made him stand out.

The school has no blame in this. They reacted in a manner that was appropriate considering the circumstances and timeline. There was the media hindsight of tighter security but had that been implemented early on, there would have been complaining and lawsuits over infringements on student’s freedoms. The blame lies with the killer, not the institution.

During an initial news conference I actually heard one reporter ask the schools president “What assurances can you offer the students that this won’t happen again?” That struck me as the dumbest question I had heard from a reporter in a long, long time. The reality of the matter is that there are no assurances, period. There are no assurances on anything in life except that you will die and theoretically you will pay taxes, somewhere, sometime.

Tightening gun laws will not keep this from happening although the Democrats will certainly shove this line of thinking down everyone’s throats. Lack of weaponry among the citizenry encourages this type of activity because the criminal gunman knows the people are not armed or able to defend themselves. Had the man walked into a classroom where even one or two people were armed this event would have had a lower body count, a shorter time span and much more desirable results. Criminals will always have access to weapons and it is the right of the people to defend themselves against the criminal.

As to whether there is an Islamic connection or not as I stated, it doesn’t matter. This bears the trademarks of a terrorist act which places it into a particular category. That category is “Threats to the American people”. Any act of terrorism belongs in that category. This was terrorism plain and simple. Islam promotes terrorism. Islam also belongs in that category. Anyone who condones the use of murder against American citizens for whatever reason belongs in that category.

The VA Tech shootings should come as a lesson to us. That lesson is Vigilance. Not just vigilance by the authorities but vigilance by the students, the teachers, the people. Always be prepared and always be vigilant, aware of your surroundings. Your life and the lives of others may one day depend on your vigilance.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.