America: For Sale to The Highest Bidder…Islam

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

12 April 2008: It’s all around us yet we fail to see it and those of us that do see it don’t really know what to do about it. I know hundreds of people that see it for what it is, know the evil behind it yet don’t know how to go about fighting this demonic plague thrust upon us.

We shout out in small voices to an unknown audience, we write articles and editorials about it, we get supportive email from our readers and listeners yet at the end of the day, we are exactly where we started. We are the lone voices in the wilderness. We are the Paul Revere’s of the 21st century yet we have no organized army to warn. We are the point men in this frontal battle in the upcoming war yet when we look or fall back to warn our squad, they are scattered or cowering in fear from the enemy before us.

There are many anti-Islamic groups out there taking up the fight against organized Islam, yet they are massive failures in the larger picture. There are some great webmasters and spokespeople for anti-Islam groups yet they are so wrapped up in the commercial aspect of this that they are often at war with others doing exactly what they are doing. These people are worried about rights to the same story or headline, charges of plagiarism against each other, bad mouthing others who are in the same fight and on their side. Who posted it first, who was given credit, etc. It’s no wonder that Organized Islam has such an upper hand as they at least work with each other, they network, they intertwine their efforts and they share a common goal which is victory over the west. They support each other regardless of the circumstances, either publicly or quietly.

The old saying of “United we stand, divided we fall” still holds true people. Islam has been using the “Divide and Conquer” method for centuries because it works. It is a simple yet effective tool against ones enemy. This in itself has contributed more to the Islamic deterioration of this American society than any other factor.

Islam has managed to divide the entire population of the United States because we let them. Back in 2001 right after the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, I was proud to be an American. We had just suffered a massive terrorist strike, we all banded together and we all wept together, we all allied together and we all faced a common enemy together. We were one, united and we stood together. It felt real good.

Since then, through careful manipulation of our laws and an effective infiltration of the US political system, combined with a well funded media campaigns Organized Islam has dealt us a serious blow here in our own homeland. We now have Muslims in key political seats, we are facing an election with an undercover Muslim agent looking for the leadership position of this great nation and we are all acting as though this is normal. The average American doesn’t see the looming threat poised by Iran and Syria against Israel and the US and no one is really keeping score for the general public on the Islamic expansion throughout Indonesia, Asia and Africa, the UK, Canada and the US. We are losing ground to organized Islam, we are not gaining.

The problem with the average US citizen is that if there are no bombs going off here then there is no terrorist threat here, in their simple minds. Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri are some long distance bad guys uttering threats which to most here have no real meaning. We have a false sense of security in the LE and Intelligence communities because there have been no major attacks since 2001. We are sheep looking to the shepherds to protect us from the wolves. Problem is that the wolves have managed to sneak past the shepherds and are comfortably nestled in with the flock, even protected by the shepherds.  Example, the FBI goes well out of their way to coddle and protect CAIR although it is well established and well documented that CAIR has ties and always has had ties to Islamic terrorist groups.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good people out there protecting us but often their hands are tied by their superiors. They know the potential threat yet they cannot do anything about it. Why? This is because our protectors are always in a policy driven reactive mode to terrorism, not a pro-active mode. If nothing is blowing up, there is no present problem. The arrests made since 2001 don’t even represent 5% of the actual threat present in our communities today through active terrorist entities and organizations that sponsor such activities. It may be less than that in reality.

We really are under no imminent threat of attack right now because we are doing exactly what Organized Islam wants us to do. If they were to attack the US right now, it would undo what they have accomplished since 2001 in the United States. Here’s the sad part. A vast amount of people here in the US are okay with that trade-off. It’s no different than paying the local gangster to protect your store. Nothing happens to your store as long as you make those payments to him.

We are making payments to Islam right now for security, in both words and deeds which is asinine. The government does it, the people do it and the business sector does it. We have America’s Liberty, Freedom and Democracy for sale to the highest bidder. So far, Islam holds the highest bid.

Anyone care to raise the bid?  Raise it higher than the Islamic bid on the table?

Wake up. Be safe. Stay vigilant.