Al Qaeda Regrouping?

Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

13 July 2007: Now that’s rich. Al Qaeda is reportedly regrouping. In order to regroup you have to have been dismantled, interrupted or destroyed. I’ve been looking around and uh….well I haven’t seen any real disruption to their networks. All I have seen is the growth, the spread of this Islamic terrorism disease.

We went from having al Qaeda and the Taliban holed up in Afghanistan to having a major surge of Islamic terrorism and Islamic growth around the world. The Global Jihad is running rampant worldwide. So uh, run that “regrouping” thing past me once again, would you?

Al Qaeda, militant Islamic groups and Islam in general have penetrated almost every society in existence. I’m watching the news and they are saying that al Qaeda is trying to get operatives into the US now. This was announced suddenly as if this hadn’t occurred to anyone previously. The correct phrasing should be “al Qaeda is already here in great numbers”. They didn’t sneak in either. They probably just walked in over the US-Mexican border and they have been doing this since the 1980’s. These terrorists didn’t just suddenly decide last week that the US was a target. They started planning our destruction decades ago. They are already in your neighborhood, town or city.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Somalia, Algeria, Yemen, Philippines, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Germany, United States and the list goes on and on of places where al Qaeda, various Islamic whacko groups, self appointed jihadist lone wolf terrorist types and Islam in general are either actively engaging in terrorism or setting up shop in anticipation of terrorist acts.

We are victims of a two-pronged attack. You have the Muslim groups legally operating in these countries, especially in the western countries pumping their Islamic baloney of Islam being a peaceful religion (softening the prey, the targets) while meanwhile the militant enforcement arm of Islam is killing, bombing and terrorizing people around the world or making plans to do so. Yet we insist on coddling and trying to “understand” this phenomenon. There isn’t much to understand except that Islam seeks the destruction of all that isn’t Islamic.

I’m disappointed in how we are handling this. We are trying to differentiate between the good and bad of Islam as if such a thing even exists. It’s puzzling. In WW II I’m sure there were good Germans. But we didn’t try to seek them out and use them as a platform to try to “negotiate” and “understand” the Third Reich. In WWII We fought the Germans as a whole. We didn’t differentiate. Hitler didn’t attack us here in the US with airliners. They attacked societies like ours. They terrorized people, bombed and murdered. Just like Islam is doing today. We took them to task, fought them and beat them. So explain to me how this scenario today is any different. They have attacked us, attacked our allies. They have said that they will destroy Israel. Do we not believe them? Does anyone in the government own a Bible and more importantly, have they read it?

Say it like it is. This is a religious war between Islam and all religions, societies and cultures that are non-Islam. Its amazing that the enemy has perfect clarity on what this is all about yet we dance around the subject and refuse to name it. We are hiding from the truth. We will not name the enemy. How does one engage the enemy if we cannot identify them?

We have to eliminate this threat through a true show of force immediately and not in the half-assed fashion we are doing it today. We need a more pro-active approach as opposed to our typical reactive stance. This hesitance to engage the enemy will cost us far more in American lives than the war in Iraq has since its beginning. If al Qaeda and the Taliban are just across the border in Pakistan then tell (don’t ask) Musharraf that we are going in after them. He’s had long enough to clean up this mess. They are worried that Islamic peoples will be upset if we go into Pakistan. You think? Nah, say it isn’t so. Like Muslims aren’t going to be upset and hate the United States if we don’t go in. Get real.

I remember the 9/11 commission hearings. The finger pointing, the rhetoric, the people claiming that could have done a better job of protecting us. So where are these gallant protectors of the people now? They have disappeared into the woodwork. They are now operating well outside of our best interest with their asinine decisions regarding this war on terror and the war in Iraq. People grew tired of the 9/11 hearings. Well have I got news for you. Get ready because there are 365 days on the calendar and when the terrorists let loose we will be backed up in retrospect commissions for years. Will there be a commission for every terrorist attack that’s coming? Well clear the calendar because we are going to get smacked soon. Maybe we should just lump the future commissions by month to save time. Any attacks in July we can lump all together into the July07 commission hearings, the August07 commission hearings, etc. We will spend years watching these hearings. That is if we have a country left.

We have people that want to welcome and embrace Islam here in the United States which amazingly enough were many of the people slamming the administration for their “negligence” prior to September 11, 2001. This is nothing more than letting the fox into the coop with the hens and thinking the fox will be peaceful and never attack or kill the hens. The foxes instinct however, the very existence of the fox depends on him killing the hens in order to survive. This is instinct, part of his makeup, inbred at birth. To think that the fox will co-exist with the hens is foolish. The owner of the hens that embraced this idea co-existence should not be surprised to find all the hens dead. The hens will die due to the owner’s poor judgment.

Starring cast in this morbid scenario:

Owner = Policy makers that do not understand Islam and the dangers of Islam

Hens = You and I. The hens depending on the owner’s judgment for survival, protection

Fox = Islam

How many people have to die in the next terrorist attack for our protectors and policy makers to start publicly identifying the true threat? How long will we coddle those that we should condemn? When are we going to realize that you do not negotiate with terrorists? What are we going to do one fine morning when you flip on the tube and see that Musharraf is either dead or deposed and al Qaeda has a nuclear arsenal? How will we respond when Iran fires a nuclear warhead into Israel? How will we respond if a series of nuclear warheads detonates here in the United States?

We’ll probably want to negotiate, talk about it, coddle and work on the “peace process” with Islam.

One likes to think that we are Americans, that we are undefeatable and that we will right all wrongs. That we will be safe, that we will survive. I’m beginning to wonder. Can’t tell this to be true from where I’m sitting and watching this circus.

Be safe, stay vigilant because I can’t promise you that anyone else is watching out for your best interest. Actions speak louder than words and I’m not seeing any action.