Iraq: How NOT To Fight A War

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

17 May 2007: As the war in Iraq loses more and more popularity with the people in the United States each day, one has to wonder how the enemy perceives us and why they see us in this light. I’ll give you a quick clue. The enemy views us as losers with no military prowess or military capability and they see us as losing the war to a bunch of low dollar thugs. We used to be the greatest superpower on earth and everyone knew it. Those days are long gone and you can thank the Democrats for helping this along. No, the Republicans are not blameless in this mess as their failures over the last few years prompted this change in the American spirit and also gave the Democrats the needed fuel “for change” the last elections. Point is, the Democrats are headed completely down the wrong path and making record time doing it. If this war had been progressing better in 2005-2006 the Democrats wouldn’t be in power today. But because of the administrations failures people wanted to try new management.

This view of the United States by others as being weak, will lead to further attacks by our enemies. Their opinion is that if we can’t handle an insurgency by a bunch of third world terrorist pukes, how could we possibly defend ourselves against an organized military from another country? Granted, we could remove North Korea overnight from Google Earth along with Iran but they know we won’t do this. This is why North Korea ignores any warnings from the US and this is precisely why Iran is laughing at us right now. We have lost respect in all anti-US countries with our bleeding hearts approach to warfare and our concept of a “PC war”. We used this approach as we did in Iraq to appease the world of Islam and a bunch of other UN nipple heads and instead it has made us the laughing stock everywhere especially in the Islamic countries. The only thing these terrorist types and terrorist supporting countries understand is superior firepower. They understand fear so speak to them in a language they understand. Get our respect back.

We will spend millions of dollars to counteract an expenditure on the insurgent and terrorist’s part amounting to only thousands of dollars. The ratio is wrong. The war against America isn’t just in blood, it’s in dollars and because of how we are fighting the war we are being drained just as the terrorists planned. Lets look back at 9/11 and how a low budget terrorist attack cost the United States billions of dollars. I’d say the terrorist get more for their money than we do. I feel shortchanged.

The current voting bodies of government in the Senate and in Congress are going to be directly responsible for the next terrorist attack in the United States and in reality elsewhere in the world because of their inability to recognize the enemy, their unwillingness to fight the enemy in the measures needed and their overall weak posture when confronted by the enemy. The war is understaffed and now will be under financed,  which will only make it drag out longer (regardless of what the Democrats think) and will allow it to spill outside of Iraq in mass proportion. When it spills out, it will be here as well as the UK, Australia and other western countries.

The type of enemy we are confronted with is not a conventional type foe. These Islamic terrorists are guerilla type fighters which are very effective, very elusive and quite deadly with their small unit techniques. If we cannot fight them effectively in Iraq then please explain to me how we can expect to thwart them here in the United States? We cannot deploy cruise missiles within the United States when they start in on us here. They are encouraged in their thinking as far as to attacking us solely by our inability to wage war properly against their type of tactics. Here’s the real anomaly of it all. Our soldiers are experts at this type of warfare but we won’t let them do their jobs because of restrictive rules of engagement. We have been training our ground forces in the expertise of guerilla warfare since our lessons in Vietnam. But once again the problem isn’t the troops and their abilities instead it’s the politicians and their inabilities to wage warfare as it should be waged.

If you look back at the time prior to World War II, Germany never directly attacked the United States but the United States recognized Hitler and Germany as a threat to the free world and took them to task. So how is that we see Iraq any different? Saddam Hussein, given the opportunity would have eventually started taking over countries and funding terrorist acts against the United States if we hadn’t removed him. He did it back in the early 90’s and made his hatred and disdain for the US and our allies quite known. We are seeing the exact same Third Reich scenario building up in Iran right this minute and yet we are not doing anything about it. Of course we can’t because we are mired down in Iraq still because of these stinking politicians and their inability to fight wars. We make a big issue about the death toll in Iraq yet we lost more Americans and Allied troops during the D-day. That’s called commitment. That is why the US was considered a superpower and a force to be reckoned with. We stomped the crap out of the Third Reich regardless of the cost. That’s when we were proud Americans.

If the behavior of the politicians doesn’t make you ill, then ask yourself this. Since when did generals retire during wars? If you look at the last few years the generals in the armed forces are acting as though Iraq and Afghanistan is just another day at the office. These are the leaders of the armed forces? Retiring? What would have happened if General George Patton had suddenly said it was time for retirement in 1942? This is the problem. We aren’t in it to win it. We are doing a half-assed job at best.

I think that one should not just present the problem but also a solution. My solution is simple. Seriously, I’d put Iraq on lockdown. Number one would be martial law in effect until further notice across the entire country. Put another 150,000 to 200,000 troops “unannounced” on the ground and crush these terrorist bastards. You can’t install a government or promote this idea of democracy until the war is won. These people in Iraq never had a say or vote prior to the war and from what I’ve seen they don’t grasp it nor do they understand the cost of freedom. So kick that Iranian loving idiot Maliki out, put the Iraqi government on standby for now and crush these terrorists. Stick an American temporary interim “President” in power and get the terrorists out, then worry about this “promoting democracy” campaign when the fighting is done. Hunt down every last person affiliated with an insurgent terrorist group, Sunni and Shi’ite or otherwise and deal with them. I think prison is a waste of time so go at them in an armed manner and when they resist kill every last one of them. If they don’t resist then stick them in prison and a prison run by the American military. We’ve spent billions doing it the wrong way, so the billions I’m proposing with this can’t hurt. Plus with this plan, you actually get what you were after in the end. If you don’t have enough money then sell Iraqi oil and use the money for the war effort. They should be footing the bill anyway. I shouldn’t be paying over $3.00 a gallon for fuel in the US while I’m funding this fiasco in their oil rich country anyway.

What we are doing right now is pointless and largely ineffective. It is costing billions with no results. But the answer isn’t leaving, no the answer is finishing the job. If you are behind on the job then bring the manpower in to get it done. Give us, the US taxpayer our moneys worth. There has been too much American blood spilled in that country and too many tax dollars poured into the war to walk away. Limited troop deployment hasn’t worked thus far. Rules of engagement like you would give a policeman in a civilized society do not apply here. Send in more troops, take the gloves off and get the job done.

Tell Iran today to stop their involvement right now in Iraq. Tell them, if we find an Iranian IED, they lose a city. You find two, they lose two cities. Get our respect back and if you cannot get our respect back then have them at least fear us. I’ll take either at this point in time. Same end result.

We have to get serious about this war and finishing it with victory or we will not survive as a country. Do what needs to be done and don’t worry about the world opinion. Worry about the safety and security of this country, not what a bunch of useless and yet mouthy onlookers think. If you are going to wage war, then wage war to win. Otherwise, stay out of it.

Be safe and stay vigilant. Evil this way cometh.