Some Food For Thought on the Subject of Islam

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

28 April 2008…

  • Presidential hopeful Osama Barack Obama states in his book “Audacity” that “In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans … have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging,” he laments. “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” It’s already ugly you traitor and we know where you stand.
  • If Osama Barack Obama really deserted Islam, where are all the protests from the Muslims?  This is surely a slap in their face and in their Islamic countries, it is a death sentence. They are quiet because they know he is a Muslim and will side with them when his input is needed. His grandmother is a liar, his wife is a liar and he is also a liar as it is what Muslims do.
  • A known group with proven direct ties to terrorists, Jamaat ul Fuqra,  Muslims from nearby Islamberg NY hold a parade in Binghamton New York along with members of Muslims of America. They left their automatic weapons at home, which is when I would have served the search warrants.
  • Pakistan is making a deal with the Taliban, an “Agreement” you have to read for yourself. This should allow for adequate al Qaeda training facilities in the region. See:
  • CAIR is going after Boeing for “Torture Flights”, Muslims once again claiming to be pro-American while stabbing at a weakened American economy again particularly the airline industry. See:
  • Gasoline prices nearing $4 a gallon all over the nation, thanks to our Muslim “friends” overseas. We should jack the price of all food products to them by 400% since those retards can’t seem to produce it themselves. Or let them go on an “oil only” liquid diet.
  • A teacher in Ohio, who has had a Bible on his desk for twenty years is now facing charges because he refused to remove it. This goes right along with the Ten Commandments being removed from government buildings, references to Christianity being stripped away from all public venues. Yet the Muslims are forcing their way into every avenue of our schools and political system. This country was established by Christians and I have yet to see any of our “learned” judges correctly explain the separation of church and state as it was written and as our forefathers intended it to be understood.
  • CAIR is on a mission to separate the labeling of “Islam from Terrorism” as they perceive it as a bad rap for Islam. Well, Islam is a bad rap. It sucks. Invented by a pedophile and traveling salesman, a con artist. It is demonic, evil in nature, Satan inspired and results in submission and death to all non-Muslims. It will be hard to deviate from that with a new “labeling” of the cult.
  • You should take the time to read CAIR’s stance on terrorism. It all sounds good on paper but in each of these statements you will note the wording. The term “Innocent Civilians” is in each one. What hoodwinked American people fail to realize is that an infidel cannot be innocent by definition in the Quran. When CAIR refers to “Innocent Civilians” they are referring to Muslims. Note the careful phrasing in every last one of these statements by CAIR.

Why is all of this happening around us?

America is a large melting pot with people from all cultures and all walks of life. We have every religion, every culture, every race represented here on this soil. It is largely due to this that Islam has chosen their modus operandi or strategic infiltration plan. Islam keeps focus on the minorities as their primary recruits for the cult. They seek the disenchanted ones, the ones with a grudge, the ones who may have had ancestors wronged at one time or another. It is a rich, fertile ground to recruit from because these disenchanted ones understand hate and since Islam is based in hate, it is a natural combination or partnership. They seek people who feel self desperation, who see no future, who are economically challenged. Actually Islam preys on these people. The two “P”s known to all Muslims. Pray and Prey.

They started seeking alliances with the blacks here in America and have slowly moved to the Native Americans, the Hispanics, the Japanese, and are drawing others in rather quickly. The prisons are a ripe recruiting ground for obvious reasons as the majority of inmates who turn to Islam are black inmates. The inmates feel they have nothing going for themselves so Islam presents itself as a viable opportunity to get over on their “oppressors” which of course is the government, the establishment which appears to be run by all white people, at least in their own clouded vision.

If you look closely at mosques located in low income neighborhoods you will notice the improvements to the homes closest to the mosque. This is how they induce loyalty from the people who live closest to the mosque. I’ve been in ghetto neighborhoods where this phenomenon has occurred and you will even see children on the rooftops with cell phones who will notify the mosque that you are in the area. These same children will also ride up and write your license number down inside their Quran and deliver that information directly to the mosque. Don’t laugh. Been there and done that. I can take you to places in Pennsylvania and show you this.

Since the Saudi monies are flowing into these mosques and in turn being put out on the neighborhood streets, it’s no wonder their recruitment efforts are so successful among these people. Welfare money is nothing more than a donation from a benefactor and funds from the mosque into the streets are just more free money from a benefactor. The recipients are loyal to whoever is paying. It has nothing to do with religious appeal based on philosophy at that point. It has to do with who is close by to insure their loyalty to the benefactor that paid them.

Separation of church and state also applies here in this case. Welfare is from the state and the other money is from the local mosque. The government cannot place a religious stipulation on the welfare money distributed because it comes from the government. However, the mosque can place stipulations on their funds distributed in the ghetto, and they take full advantage of this.

Islam has studied the decades of the black civil rights movement and Islam is using that for their step by step plan. Why?

Because it works for very well for Islam and the recruitment fields are ripe for picking.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.