Knowing the Enemy and Knowing Ourselves

21 January 2004: al-Qaeda (“The Base”) is a terrorist group, or umbrella organization, whose real name is Islamic World Front against Crusaders and Jews, which is composed of many different islamic (note the small “i” ) terror groups (such as Egyptian Jihad, al-Fuqra, Jemaat Islamiya just to name a couple) and even disparate groups of individual cells or groups of individuals (such as Jose Padilla or the Lackawanna Six).

From the very beginning it has been very open about what is stands for, its foundation upon the radical Wahabbist teachings of islam, and its open desire to have its Fatwahs or religious edicts made public on a global scale to entice all Muslims of its religious validity and the absolute truth of the Islamic duty of Jihad it and its associated groups are actively engaged in.

It is not now nor has it ever been a secret that al-Qaeda considers itself in a state of War with the United States of America, Israel and all other non-Muslim nations with a presence on the Saudi Arabian peninsula, Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel.

It is also not a secret but a very common misconception of many, many people in the west, particularly the media, that al-Qaeda conducts its strategic affairs of Jihad in secret. On the contrary, it has announced from the very beginning its strategic goals and the method its deems appropriate to utilize in their realization. This is the islamic concept of Jihad.

al-Qaeda has made it abundantly clear in a very public way, for example, its drive to have Islamic clerics declare religiously valid, via a “Fatwah” or religious edict, the al-Qaeda organizations use of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons as tools of the Jihad, or their use of any WMD of its choosing, and to have the clerics also issue Fatwahs that the loss of innocent life is or are acceptable losses because the “Will of Allah” is being made manifest in the affairs of mankind by those who wage Jihad.

al-Qaeda has only maintained maintained any degree of secrecy in:

a) The operational security (OPSEC) of its tactical or strategic planning.

b) The physical security of its leadership and individual cells, and the actual command and control (C2) aspects of its leadership. It has engaged in OPDEC (Operational Deception) to a large degree following the American assault on al-Qaeda and its Taliban hosts in Afghanistan. These tactics continue to be utilized to an even more enhanced degree of late.


c) To a lesser extent al-Qaeda’s communications security (COMSEC) in distributing operational orders.



That is the basic purpose of the Fatwa, the communication of islamic jihad information to the masses of the Muslims who will listen and adhere to the dictate. These communications are conducted via videos, audio, print media, and via the world wide web in steganographic images and plain imagery such as the “jakel” images posted on this and other websites.

These images are telling us a lot about their intentions and targets, but they are not telling us everything! The announcements of this kind are made in such a manner and in advance because it is plainly and simply Arabic/islamic arrogance and boasting of their intent in Jihad.

These islamic terrorists, Jihadists, have an entirely different mind-set than the islamic terrorists or Palestinian groups of the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, the late 1960’s, the 1970’s and even us until the late 1980’s… fundamental differences, which as I mentioned before, most craniums in the West (and East) have yet to work 360 degrees through their own gray-matter brains.

Many in the west, particularly those on the western political left, DO NOT have a basic understanding that the enemy at the gate, and already within the house, is focused and completely intent on killing them and their families.

This is true in America and elsewhere because it is politically expedient for them at the present time to hold such political views. Such a political position is viewed as treasonous or anti-American because it comes at a time when we are officially at war with a non-state entity and are at war with remnants state entities in Iraq and Afghanistan which aided and abetted and otherwise supported al-Qaeda.

Knowing the enemy is extremely and urgently important, and knowing ourselves perhaps even more so. This is especially true in an election year where America remains at war with an implacable enemy in various locations around the world, and in houses and apartment complexes quite literally across the street from your own homes.

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