Iraq Directly Tied to 1973 New York City Terrorist Bomb Plot

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By Sean Osborne, Associate Director

Khalid Duhham AL-JAWARY
UPDATE:  27 February 2009: Last evening at just about 7 PM there was issued an AP NewsBreak regarding the release last week from the federal Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado and deportation of the Islamic terrorist (pictured left). The news item had no information on the identification of the country to which the deportation occurred.

However, the report did reveal a tidbit of info which has left many observers stunned by the backassward nature of this release and guessing at the agenda of those behind the release of this Islamic terrorist, a terrorist whose positive identification is still an unknown.

The stunning revelation which has come to light is that the FBI was investigating whether Al-Jawary helped carry out other terrorist attacks, and was hoping to charge him before his deportation.

According to the AP those charges may have been made with respect to a “murderous” 1970s letter bombing campaign and the bombing in 1974 of a TWA Boeing 707 commercial passenger aircraft which killed 88 innocent people. That bombing was of TWA Flight 841 (Tail Number N8734) during its flight from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport to New York’s JFK International Airport. Following an hour-long stopover in Athens a bomb exploded in the cargo hold 18 minutes after being airborne and while over the Ionian Sea. The crash which followed killed all passengers and crew onboard.

If an active FBI investigation leading to additional formal charges was in progress then why on earth was this Islamic terrorist released?

3 February 2009: The Palestinian terrorist above, Khalid Duhham AL-JAWARY, is currently in a federal detention center in Manhattan serving a 30-year sentence imposed by Judge Jack B Weinstein on April 16, 1993 for his direct role (fingerprints on one of the bombs) in a planned PLO/Black September multi-VBIED plot that would have killed hundreds of innocent people during a visit by Israeli PM Golda Meir in March 1973. Three powerful bombs were placed in cars. Two were positioned on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue outside Israeli banks and the third at Kennedy International Airport’s El Al cargo terminal. That vehicle had the parts for a forth bomb within it.

The federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) currently plans to release this terrorist on February 19th “after completing only about half his term, including time served prior to his sentencing and credit for good behavior.” He will then be handed over to U.S. Immigration authorities for deportation to who knows where. Details about Al-Jawary are found in this KDKA report filed 10 days ago. Initial links to Iraq are found in this report.

News of this terrorists impending release has caused nothing less than a firestorm which has apparently resulted in the declassification of a National Security Agency (NSA) intercept of an official diplomatic communication sent from the Iraqi mission in New York City to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Baghdad. The NSA interception of this kind of transmission most likely was accomplished via the highly-classified eavesdropping capabilities of its National Diplomatic Communications (NDC) program. Here is proof of direct Iraqi government involvement in a terrorist action on American soil with the PLO/Black September terrorist group used as the proxy agency. In other words, this was an act of war. An act which was likely the first of several Iraqi acts of war on American soil.

An article by Maggie Haberman in todays edition of the New York Post provides the first glimpse of this new revelation. Quoting Haberman’s article, “the National Security Agency intercepted a message about where they had been placed. The encrypted message was sent possibly from Iraq’s New York mission to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Baghdad, said Jim Welsh, a NSA analyst. Then the message was relayed to the Palestine Liberation Organization headquarters, Welsh said.”

Iraq in 1973 was ruled by the Ba’athist party under the leadership of Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr. Al-Bakr had come to power via a coup d’etat in 1968. The infamous Saddam Hussein was Al-Bakr’s right-hand man in that coup and was subsequently given the position of Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. As the head of the Iraqi security apparatus it is inconceivable that Saddam Hussein did not have explicit foreknowledge of this planned terrorist attack. On July 16, 1979 Saddam Hussein forced Al-Bakr to resign and became Iraq’s dictator six days later.

Convicted terrorist Khalid Duhham al-Jawary should never be released from the U.S. federal prison system, and hopefully he will reach the age of 76-years old while a resident within it.