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Statement from the Northeast Intelligence Network

20 January 2008: Over the last several months, the Northeast Intelligence Network has been quietly conducting a number of investigations into threats posed to the safety, security and sovereignty of our homeland. Our core network of highly trained, professional veteran investigators located in three countries on two continents have developed - and continue to develop - information that we feel is critical to the safety, security and sovereignty of the U.S., Canada and in fact, all Western countries. The United States, Canada and the West is under attack by several enemies - externally and internally - by Islamic terrorists and their supporters, and by individuals and organizations with globalist agendas. To exacerbate the threats, our media has fully succumbed to pressure exerted by special interest groups and those in positions of power. We have the evidence. The manipulation does not stop with the media, but also extends to various Internet sites once considered valuable and accurate sources of accurate and unbiased news.

In our quest for the truth, we have stepped on a lot of toes, but we have also developed a network of informational assets within various levels of the government and the corporate media. They are our allies, and they have reaffirmed their commitment to insure that the truth gets to the people. This is especially necessary at present, when even the most dismissive among us must admit that the confluence of national and global events is far from coincidental. From the purposely manipulated oil prices, to the manufactured economic crisis, the rise in geopolitical tensions and other watershed events of epic proportions, it is important not to be myopic in the scope of investigations and analysis, and to encompass all aspects of the various threats facing us, no matter where the evidence leads or how uncomfortable the results.

To provide a better method of disseminating information and publicizing the results of our investigations, we are in the process of changing our web site structure and appearance. Please be patient as we complete our integration over the next few days. We promise it will be worth it.

-Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

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