Hamas turn a Gaza neighborhood into a warzone

The media’s collusion & criminal conspiracy with HAMAS

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

11 January 2009: It is critical for America and the entire Western world to understand the corporate media’s deliberate misrepresentation of Israel’s defensive action in Gaza. Israel is not only fighting terrorists on the ground in Gaza, but they are fighting a public relations war in which the media and HAMAS terrorists maintain a relationship of mutual dependence to the point of criminal complicity on the part of some major news outlets.

There is a deliberate collusion by by the Western media to skew information about the deaths of those in Gaza as a result of Israel’s defensive action, combining legitimate targets of war with civilian casualties. Additionally, HAMAS terrorists are themselves killing or directly causing the deaths of their own civilian population, as clearly illustrated in the following map that was confiscated by Israeli forces in the north of Gaza last week:

(See IMAGE Here)

According to the site IDF Spokesperson (and verified by the Northeast Intelligence Network through U.S. intelligence sources), the map is authentic and “demonstrates how Hamas deliberately uses civilians, using them as live targets and hiding behind them; they plant IEDs at the entrances of homes, they booby trap homes and they use places of worship, all with no regard to collateral damage or civilian lives.” Additional information from this source: IDF Spokesperson.