Incident in Georgia: One Example of Islamist Agenda

It will be to our peril to dismiss the latest claims of civil rights violations levied by CAIR as trivial, as it is clearly within the plans of Islamists to take over our country and the West from within. - Douglas J. Hagmann

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

17 December 2008: A press release issued yesterday by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) provides yet another example that clearly illustrates that the fundamental Muslim agenda in Western countries, specifically in the U.S. and Canada is not one of assimilation. In this instance, in fact, it is not only contemptible, but contempt in the most literal sense.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate alleged civil rights violations against Muslim women in the state of Georgia. The basis of their complaint stems from an incident involving a Muslim woman who was jailed yesterday on contempt of court charges. The unidentified woman was attempting to enter a courtroom in Douglasviille, Georgia to “deal with a matter related to a nephew’s traffic citation” when she was asked by a bailiff to remove her hijab, or Islamic headscarf, before entering. Instead of complying with request, the woman delivered an expletive laden response while steadfastly refusing to remove her head covering. As a result of her actions, she was taken before a judge and sentenced to a ten-day jail term for contempt of court. Now, CAIR is up in arms over this egregious violation of her civil rights, and is demanding an investigation to be launched by our own justice department.

At first glance, this incident and CAIR’s response might seem trivial to the reader, a situation that will most likely lead to a gross mischaracterization of this and other similar events taking place across the U.S. by the corporate media. But this matter is far from trivial, for it is a textbook example of the real agenda of CAIR and similar groups operating within the U.S. and Canada.

For those who have been paying attention to the actions and ultimate agenda of special interest groups such as CAIR, this incident represents just one of numerous components of the covert war being waged against and within America and the West. This is a war that is taking place under the proverbial “radar,” one that is largely misunderstood by the majority of well-intentioned people of the West, and targets our Achilles heel: the freedoms afforded by our democratic laws.

It is telling that the same group who condemns the treatment of a woman in Georgia who refuses to comply with the orders of a court officer is so nauseatingly silent on the issue of the rights of women in Islamic counties who are routinely beaten, stoned, and forced into arranged marriages. While their condemnation is deafening about the treatment of a woman who is charged with contempt of court, they barely raise a collective eyebrow over the rampant female genital mutilations and honor killings that are accepted under Islamic Sharia, endorsed by numerous Muslim clerics and encouraged by fundamentalist Islam.

It is much easier for all of the West to understand Islam’s war against the West when planes strike buildings and bombs detonate in crowded areas, but that is merely one aspect, albeit a very visible aspect of the war in which we are engaged. While they cannot beat us militarily, they are very effective at crippling us in other, less visible and more insidious ways. Notice, for example, how Muslims have effectively evolved into the unintended victims of the attacks of 2001 through their claims of religious discrimination, bigotry, intolerance, and claims of Islamophobia at every opportunity.

It will be to our peril to dismiss the latest claims of civil rights violations levied by CAIR as trivial, as it is clearly within the plans of Islamists to take over our country and the West from within. Their intent is not to assimilate but to dominate.
Thanks to the manipulation of corporate media, the lack of understanding of the Islamist by Western leaders, the placement of Islamists in positions as policymakers within government, educational institutions, branches of our military, and our courts, and, our inherent need to demonstrate tolerance at any price, our very existence as a democratic nation is at risk.

Therefore, it is imperative that every rational American grasps the importance of what is occurring in this country, whether it is illustrated by the latest incident in Douglasville, Georgia, the well choreographed incident involving six Muslim Imams who were removed from US Airways Flight 300 Imams in 2006, or any other incident that serves to further erode the rights and freedoms of non-Muslims in America and the West. Our collective failure to see through the veneer of duplicity and approach these instances with intellectual honesty will guarantee change in the social and geopolitical landscape of America, Canada and the entire Western world. A change that will result in the death of our democratic principles, our national heritage, and our Judeo-Christian values.