Mumbai: Analysis of an Islamic Terrorist Attack & Lessons to be Learned

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst
Another Shining Example of Islam’s Peace, Love and Tolerance27 November 2008: Hundreds of people have been injured and over 100 are now dead in a most horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai, India in a series of well co-coordinated attacks launched by Muslim Terrorists. The words “Muslim” and “Terrorist” just seem so synonymous anymore. I move that we just start placing the word “Muslim” in the dictionary to describe the word “terrorist”. The multiple attacks on Wednesday night were very well coordinated, timed and executed. Also, it is important to point out that the terrorists were specifically selecting American and British citizens as they proceeded through the hotel in Mumbai, a decidedly Western target. That these terrorists specifically sought these people for hostages strongly suggests that the terrorist perpetrators were not merely an Indian Based mujahedeen group, despite the claims of some intelligence “experts.”

The group’s name, unknown until only recently is the “Deccan Mujahedeen;” the “Deccan Mujahedeen,” in my expert opinion, is nothing more than a “ghost” group - a name that was made up to further complicate the investigation and designed to throw the authorities off track. It is important to consider that Islamic terrorists are experts at propaganda, especially in the creation of “virtual” terrorist groups. This is a tactic that we have seen in Iraq, where the Islamic terrorists claim the existence of more groups than actually do exist. For example, consider the various terrorist videos that are posted and published on the Internet and occasionally shown on the television news. In my extensive research into the various terrorist organizations, I have collected a vast library of such films. Through exhaustive analysis, I’ve found the same films branded with logos from different terrorist organizations, yet further investigation finds that only about one-third of those organizations actually exist outside of the “virtual” realm. Quite simply, it is nothing more than propaganda designed to deceive us into thinking that there are more groups than actually exist.

For those who have been paying attention, these attacks in Mumbai carry all the hallmarks of an al Qaeda planned and coordinated attack. Nonetheless, the authorities and media have been all too quick to say that this was an Indian Muslim Mujahedeen attack by the “Deccan Mujahedeen,” an organization which, if you were to listen and believe the pundits and television intelligence experts, suddenly popped up from nowhere. The facts, however, based on my extensive research of Islamic terrorism and terrorist organizations, indicate otherwise. Although there might have been elements of a local cell from that group involved in the attacks, it is a near certainty that the planning, tactical training, financing and execution came from al Qaeda.

One critical element of these attacks must be highlighted: after the initial attacks began, at least one police van arrived on the scene which was actually occupied by terrorists – a 21st century Trojan horse. Upon arrival, the occupants of this police vehicle disembarked and began shooting at civilians. Whether the vehicle was previously stolen or cloned, this is a well documented al Qaeda technique that has appeared in their training manuals. This web site was one of the first to warn about these tactics, which are designed to implement a second wave of violence or attacks. This textbook tactic, which we have written about many times here in this past, is very effective at increasing the body count as well as causing additional confusion, chaos and psychological trauma. More importantly, we can expect this same Trojan horse tactic when the Islamic terrorists attack here again. So don’t be too relieved when that first or second police car or ambulance suddenly shows up, as it may carry further death with its arrival.

Another key indication that these attacks were originated and conducted by al Qaeda is their blatant search for tourists holding American or British passports. Again, they were after Western targets at Western assets or locations known to be frequented by Westerners - a tactic that suggests that the Indian Muslim Mujahedeen were not the perpetrators in control. Granted, they killed many Indians in the process, but the fact that they were specifically targeting Westerners is quite indicative of al Qaeda in origin, with at least some of the terrorists being “transplants” or imports from outside India.

If they manage to capture a few and perform some interrogations, we will most likely learn that these terrorists trained inside Afghan or Iraqi terrorist training camps. This type of mission requires training and more specifically, precise timing to coordinate attacks as these terrorists managed to do. Some analysts are also suggesting that the terrorists who perpetrated these attacks are purely Pakistani. Although to some this might appear logical, the fact that they purposely allowed some Hindus to escape indicate otherwise. Considering the vast and deep rivalry between India and Pakistan, combined with the active search for Americans and British again points to terrorists other than (or in addition to) those from active Pakistani organizations.

It is also significant that three of India’s top anti-terror cops were specifically targeted and killed, a very bold move and atypical of a local terror cell. Al Qaeda, on the other hand, would do this as a matter of routine.

When it comes to terrorism acts and where to place the blame, it is important to carefully examine all the oddities, objectively and without concern where the facts might lead. Like just about all matters pertaining to Islamic terrorist attacks, however, we may never hear the exact truth from the authorities through official sources. This is simply par for this particular course, which is a course rife with the sand traps of political correctness and religious ideologies amid the greens and fairways of a nation’s security. The official line might well be that these attacks were conducted by a “local” group, because India doesn’t want to admit that an outside group could hit them this easily. That’s pretty much what I expect as far as official statements.

As these attacks relate to us in the West, here in the United States and Canada, here is an important lesson for us: the terrorist entered through the Colaba shipyard. They arrived in a small boat, approximately ten men aboard. They came by sea, at 10:00 at night under the cover of darkness, at an unsecured entry point that allowed virtually unfettered access to a major city. For the most part, the terrorists then chose “soft targets,” those that would likely yield the largest body count and the most “bang for their buck.” Such a scenario could, and dare I say will play out in any city or town in the United States or Canada at any time. It doesn’t have to be a seaside town or city. Rivers and lakes allow the same access to many cities and towns here in the United States.

There was an advisory recently issued regarding mass transit attacks. This is and always has been a desired target of terrorists. We have to watch the “soft targets.. By definition, “soft targets” are any unprotected civilian target, which is indeed something to consider as you are doing your Christmas shopping this year. Remember, we are still at war, a war declared upon us by Islamic terrorists. While you are going about your business this season, keep your eyes open. Pay attention to your surroundings and the people in your immediate area. Watch for suspicious activity. Watch for people leaving parcels or bags and walking away. Notify police or security if you see anything odd.

If you see a suspicious parcel, DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE TO CALL THE AUTHORITIES. Many bombs are detonated by cell phone. Remember that. If police or security start using radios and phones then MAKE SURE YOU ARE LONG GONE.

Our law enforcement are well aware that the Christmas season is an attractive target to terrorists with crowded malls, stores, churches and schools full of people. They are doing their best. Much of this falls on you to help them do their jobs. One police officer or security officer has only two eyes. Christmas shoppers have thousands of eyes.

Be safe. Stay vigilant. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving.