UN anti-blasphemy measure: an omen of things to come

“It almost sounds as if the same author of the Muslim Brotherhood Plan drafted this piece of garbage onto paper.”–Randy Taylor

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

25 November 2008:The ultimate example of “the pot calling the kettle black” has occurred at the United Nations. Muslim countries won backing for a UN anti-blasphemy measure termed “Combating Defamation of Religions” where it will be unlawful to say anything derogatory about Islam. It passed with a vote of 85-50 with 42 abstentions in a key UN General Assembly committee, and will enter into the international record after an endorsement by the plenary later in the year.

This resolution is part of a ten year plan launched in 2005 by the 57 Islamic states (you know, the states Obama said he wanted to visit…oops, he meant the 50 United States). The aforementioned 57 states comprise the “Organization of Islamic Conference.” Since this is a closed membership organization limited to Islamic countries, it has no place in the UN, since religion is the sole determining factor for membership.

To provide a quick glimpse into their charter, I will share just a few key points here (the entire charter can be downloaded in PDF format at this link):

Excerpted from Article 1:

1. To enhance and consolidate the bonds of fraternity and solidarity among the Member States;

5. To ensure active participation of the Member States in the global political, economic and social decision-making processes to secure their common interests;

8. To support and empower the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self determination and establish their sovereign State with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, while safeguarding it’s historic and Islamic character as well as the Holy places therein;

12. To protect and defend the true image of Islam, to combat defamation of Islam and encourage dialogue among civilizations and religions;

Excerpted from Article 2 (don’t laugh):

7. Member States shall uphold and promote, at the national and international levels, good governance, democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms,and the rule of law;

Now, it is important to point out that “Article 3? covers membership which is held exclusively by and for Islamic states only. Nonetheless, this is being reviewed by the UN, an organization that is supposed to be representative of all nations, including non-Islamic countries. The fact that the UN is actually involved in this specific provision provides further proof, as if any more is needed, of the utter uselessness of the concept of the United Nations Assembly.

1. The Organization is made up of 57 States member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and other States which may accede to this Charter in accordance with Article 3 paragraph 2.

2. Any State, member of the United Nations, having Muslim majority and abiding by the Charter, which submits an application for membership may join the Organization if approved by consensus only by the Council of Foreign Ministers on the basis of the agreed criteria adopted by the Council of Foreign Ministers.

The Charter goes on for pages and pages of Islamic promotion and discrimination against non-Muslims.

It almost sounds as if the same author of the Muslim Brotherhood Plan drafted this piece of garbage onto paper.

So what? you might ask.

The point to all of this is that Muslims and Islamic nations are trying (and succeeding) to make it unlawful to speak out again Islam.

These are the same Muslim nations where it is unlawful to own a Bible, where you are forbidden to wear such Christian items as a cross around your neck, or possess or display Christian items on your person or your clothing. Get caught with a Bible in Saudi Arabia… get arrested.

But apparently that’s not enough. The Muslim nations want to UN to make it unlawful to speak out against such intolerance.

If you’re still not convinced of the intolerance of Islam and the agenda at play here, perhaps this little known fact might be an eye opener:

During our liberation of Kuwait from Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War, American soldiers, our brave men and women who were wounded in combat and requested that Last Rites be administered to them, were forced to wait until they were out of Kuwait’s airspace because this non-Muslim religious practice was not permitted on Muslim soil. What a shining example of the Islamic double standard. They want us to tolerate them yet they refuse to tolerate other religions.

Anyone out there that doesn’t see what is happening is ignorant, blind or stupid. This underlying promotion of an “Islamic Ummah” is only being touted at the UN for now, but just wait. It won’t be long before some Muslim like Rep. Keith Ellison will try to get this same type of idiocy introduced into legislation here in the United States. It’s only a matter of time before they introduce a bill similar to this into Congress and the White House to further disintegrate and destroy the US Constitution.

C’mon, it’s not like Barack Hussein Obama, our Black Muslim future Oval Office seat polisher will stand against it. Between well placed kisses on Jeremiah Wright’s and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s backside he’ll sign off on it before the afternoon basketball game at the White House, while Bill Ayers tends bar for the afternoon before retiring to the Lincoln bedroom.

You might wonder why I keep pounding on how our free speech is in danger. It’s because I still can, at least until January 20, 2009 when Barack Hussein Obama gets the keys to the house of the people.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.