Is Wall Street Al Qaeda’s Next Target?

10 July 2004: Officials are worried about al-Qaeda’s next possible target in the United States. New information says al Qaeda may be headed for the heart of America’s economy — Wall Street.

Wall Street area is normally high in terms of security. Bomb sniffing dogs and the New York Police Department’s Hercules Unit are on scene. Traffic is also minimal.

According to a story in Sunday’s New York Post, a growing concern of the nation’s intelligence agencies is that Wall Street may be one of al Qaeda next targets. The Post reports new terrorist chatter on the issue of terror attack on the heart of America’s economy was so serious that it prompted Tom Ridge to issue last week’s high profile warning. He said he wasn’t aware of any specific plans. However, intelligence information indicates Osama bin Laden and top deputies are personally involved in planning a potential attack just in time to disrupt the November elections.

As a result, security at Wall Street already high before is at an all- time high now. The NYPD’s Hercules Unit is on duty 24-hours a day. Car traffic through most of this area minimal at best. If you ever thought of driving downtown, you might want to keep your car as far away as possible. And take mass transit or walk.