CIA Director Porter Goss: Iran Has Nukes

Goss warns Ankara to be ready for a possible U.S. aerial operation against Iran and Syria

15 December 2005: As people in the U.S. readied themselves for Christmas, few were aware that CIA Director Porter Goss was in Ankara, Turkey on Monday, engaged in a meeting that lasted over four hours with Turkish Intelligence officials. Goss, accompanied by a large delegation, brought secret data about Iran as he met with officials of the Milli Istihbarat Teskilati, or MIT. Goss allegedly asked for Turkish support for the Bush administration’s policies on Iran’s nuclear activities, telling Turkish officials that Iran has nuclear weapons, a situation that created a huge threat to Turkey and other countries in the region.

Goss said that Iran sees Turkey as an enemy and will “export its regime,” warning Ankara to be ready for a possible U.S. aerial operation against Iran and Syria.

On Tuesday Goss was driven in his armored BMW to a meeting with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Additional dialogue reportedly focused on the intelligence data, with Goss warning Ankara to be ready for a possible U.S. aerial operation against Iran and Syria.


Iran’s President Calls Holocaust a “Myth,” Won’t Budge on Nuke Issue

Source: Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran News Network Television (IRINN). State-run 24-hour news channel in Persian, Arabic and English.

14 December 2005: I am going to address you on two topics today. The first part is about the important problems facing the country, the international issues and crucial responsibilities of the Iranian nation today. The second part of my speech will be about the land of heroes, Sistan-Baluchestan Province.

The first part. O my dear ones! The world and mankind today are at a turning point today. That is, a destiny-making and historic juncture. Previous ideologies that were created and put forward by human beings, included atheist ideologies and other ideologies that relied on mankind’s conscience. Some of these ideologies tried to confine all human aspirations within the framework of material possessions.

They also believe that all the developments in the world dependent on mankind’s knowledge and capabilities. However, all these ideologies have reached a total impasse today. The atheist systems totally collapsed. Other manmade and materialistic ideologies failed to bring spiritual prosperity to mankind either.

The entire world is today engulfed in tyranny, injustice, poverty and the wide gap between those who have and the have-nots. Peace, justice and tranquility have abandoned the world today. Despite the fact that some ideologies and systems of government have managed to bring comfort and prosperity to some strata of the people today, they have however failed to bring peace and lasting tranquility all over the world.

Today the world nations are suffering, thanks to the ever increasing tension, destructive wars, poverty and injustice. Mankind is thirsty for Justice today. Mankind is thirsty for spirituality today. The liberating and life-giving ideology of Islam is the only ideology that can give a clear, full and eternal answer to all the needs of mankind today. (Shouts of approval from the crowd)

Today, our nation has a great responsibility and mission ahead of itself. Our nation’s current mission is to respond to this need of mankind. (Passage omitted: President saying the great Iranian nation enjoys the culture of pure Muhammadan Islam and has a great history of civilization and a bright culture)

The Iranian nation must answer to this current dire need of mankind. Unfortunately, today oppression and injustice exists openly in the world. Those who use the slogan of freedom of speech and human rights and tear their larynxes and scream against the measures taken by free nations, can’t even tolerate a few (?) comments from other countries.

During a news conference at the [Organization] of Islamic Conference [in Saudi Arabia], I, as the representative of the great Iranian nation, asked two questions, which I would like to talk to you about. As I said, the question was about Palestine and I asked them to take a close look at the situation in Palestine. I said that everyday people are being killed. Women and children are buried under the rubble of their houses and houses collapse on local residents. Farms are set on fire and a people, whose generations have lived there for thousands of years, are being made homeless. Renowned and distinguished people are the target of bombings and missile attacks. Everyday, fighter jets and helicopters attack the innocent people.

The first question is: Where have these people come from? Those who are ruling Palestine today and allowing themselves to do whatever they want to and murdering, imprisoning local people and making them homeless. Where are they from? Where are their fathers and forefathers from? Where were they living until one or two thousand years ago? Why are they allowed to impose their rule and have the right to determine fates, whilst the people who have been living there for hundreds and even thousands of years don’t have the right to determine their fate. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s solution is very clear. The Iranian nation is saying that the only fundamental way to resolve the Palestinian issue is for all the indigenous residents to take part in a referendum and express their views about their government and the future of Palestine.

The second question I asked was: If you are telling the truth about you murdering and burning 6 million Jews during World War II in gas chambers — and apparently you are telling the truth and emphasizing on your claim because you arrest, condemn, and imprison anyone and even your scholars who are against this issue … … (changes thought) This shows that you are making a serious claim. My question is that why does the innocent Palestinian nation have to pay the price of this heinous crime you committed? Why are you using those killings as a pretext to come to the heart of the Islamic world and dear Palestine and impose a phony Zionist regime on the innocent people of that land? If you have committed the crime, then you have to pay the price.

I propose that if you have committed a crime, it’s good if you allocate a part of your country or Europe, America, Canada, or Alaska to them so that they can establish a country for themselves. You can be sure that if you do such a thing, the Iranian nation will never protest to you. We won’t even hold a demonstration on (?) Day and we will not shout any slogans against you or this usurper Zionist regime. We will definitely support your decision.

Instead of accepting this clear and sound logic, those who claim to support freedom of speech, democracy and human rights, have started to use their tools and facilities and given a statement. They have said that the Iranian president has made some inappropriate comments and this shows that he can’t be a part of today’s civilized world as a civilized person and doesn’t befit a civil society. They all started to condemn me without dealing with the main issue.

They have created a myth today and they call it the massacre of the Jews (the Holocaust). They consider this as a principle above God, above religion and above prophets. If someone were to deny the existence of God in their country and deny the existence of prophets and religion, they would not bother him. However, if someone were to deny the myth of the Jews massacre, all the Zionist mouthpieces and the governments subservient to the Zionists tear their larynxes and scream against the person as much as they can.

They tell us that we are not fit to live in a civilized society. Let me tell them on behalf of you, the people of Zahedan, if your civilization is tantamount to aggression, to making hapless people homeless, to suppressing the justice-seeking voices and to committing tyranny and injustice and giving poverty to the majority of the people on the planet Earth so that you can create comfort for your own people, then we shout from the bottom of our heart that we abhor your hollow civilization. (Shouts of approval from the audience)

What we are seeking is the enlightening culture and civilization of Islam. Islam fully recognizes and respects the rights of all nations and all human beings. Islam wants all members of mankind to enjoy justice, prosperity, peace and tranquility.

The (major) powers armed to teeth with nuclear weapons - whose arsenal is full of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons - deploy these weapons against other nations whenever they deem appropriate.

They deployed atomic weapons against defenseless people (of Japan) in the last century and rolled tens of thousands of people into dust and blood. They equipped the Ba’thist-Zionist regime with every weapon of mass destruction in the war imposed by Iraq against our nation. They attacked Halabja and the dear town of Sardasht with every kind of chemical and biological weapons. As a result the nations of Iran and Iraq suffered thousands of martyrs and chemical weapon victims.

The same powers are saying today that the Iranian nation should not acquire peaceful nuclear technology. We ask them why? They say, because there is the probability of diverting (the technology) to manufacture nuclear weapons. An American correspondent came to interview me on this issue.

There were many questions and I answered them all. When there were no more questions to ask, he or she — (may refer to Christianne Amanpour) turned to me and said: “Sir! You answered all the questions, but nevertheless the leaders of global arrogance do not care about these questions because they suspect your intentions. And they are saying that in reality Iran intends to manufacture nuclear weapons.”

In reply to the reporter, I said: We do not at all doubt the intentions of the arrogant front, because we are certain what their intentions are. We can see that all of them all armed with nuclear weapons. We can see that they are deploying such weapons. We can see that they have deviated. We can see that they are criminals. We have no doubt that they have filled their stockpiles with such weapons to use them against the free and justice-seeking nations.

Those countries that have developed weapons and are manufacturing and utilizing them now, and those powers that enjoy the benefits of hundreds of nuclear power stations, have no right to prevent our nation from acquiring peaceful nuclear technology. And they cannot do so. (Shouts of approval from the audience).

This is the Iranian nation’s definite right. And through Almighty succor, our zealous young people and dear scientists have themselves acquired peaceful nuclear technology, thanks to their initiative, creativity, capable hands and hearts full of faith, sincerity and genuine devotion. And our nation is going to safeguard this major achievement for itself. I assure you, and I am certain that you are sure, that my government - that rose through your will - and your servants in the Islamic Republic state will stand firm at the international arena, thanks to our reliance on Almighty God, to the will and support of you our dear nation. And we will do so with prudence, patience, and planning. And we shall recover this definite and absolute right of the Iranian nation. (Shouts of ” God is great”). And I assure you that we shall not give an inch over this absolute right.

Let me tell you about the circumstances of the world today. There are a group of powerful people, who have no respect for ethical matters or divine values in the application of their economic policies and cultural programs. They are only interested in making a profit. All they see is power and the joy of material possessions. They do not hesitate from creating wars in order to generate work for their armament factories. They do not mind if thousands of people are killed as a result of their economic sanctions against other nations.

They tell us not to produce our own nuclear fuel. In return, they promise to deliver us the nuclear fuel.

But we tell them that in accordance with the absolute international laws, no country has the right to impose aviation sanctions against another country. That is, no country has the right to refuse the sale of aircraft spare parts and equipment. No reason and no excuse can justify their refusal to deliver the airplane spare parts (for aircraft that Iran purchased from the USA during the Shah’s time). We are saying this: Sirs, O you gentlemen who demand that we should not have the energy (nuclear fuel) because you would deliver it to us! Our nation signed a contract with you over 30 years ago and paid in cash for the delivery of the airplane spare parts (sentence incomplete).

When a ruthless, murderous, and affiliated regime was ruling in this country, you offered every sort of cooperation. But from the day that our nation’s revolution became victorious and established a republic in this country to enjoy independence and freedom, you imposed sanctions against us. You did so because you considered us guilty of seeking freedom. And this is contrary to all the regulations. Now what guarantee is there that if we were to climb down, you would not subject us to the same calamity over the nuclear energy (the delivery of the nuclear fuel)? We have seen how you behave. And you should know that the Iranian nation will not be deceived by your false propaganda ever again.

The second part of my speech today is about this dear province. Sistan-Baluchestan is a proud province, the land of heroes and resourceful selfless women. (Passage omitted, paying further tribute to the people of the province)

I assure you that next year we shall take a major step to allocate development funds to this province. With assistance from you, our dear people, this province will promptly catch up with other provinces of the country. And God willing, all of us shall reach the pinnacle of progress.

Once again, I would like to thank Almighty God for granting me the honor of meeting you and seeing your toiling, courageous, innocent and sincere faces. May God be with you.

Iran’s Rhetoric Rising

9 December 2005: President (Mahmud) Ahmadinezhad, who had gone to Saudi Arabia in order to attend the extraordinary summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), returned to Tehran this morning.

Speaking to reporters after arriving in Tehran, the president commented on the Mecca summit and said: (Ahmadinezhad, recording)

“One of the most important decisions taken was about supporting the member states against foreign threats. The resolution of the summit said that any threat against any member of the OIC will be tantamount to threatening the entire world of Islam. This paves the way to defending the Islamic territories as well as compiling and signing joint security and defense pacts. Moreover, (it paves the way) to defending the rights of Muslims all over the world, in particular in those states where Muslims are in the minority. This was approved by the summit too.

We are witnessing that, today in the world, hostility to Islam is promoted in an organized manner and those opposing Islam are given support. The summit made good decisions to combat hostility against Islam in the world.

In connection with the issue of creating an affinity among various Islamic sects, which is the foundation of the Islamic ummah’s (nation’s) unity, fortunately all the various sects that are practiced in the Islamic world today were formally recognized. This was mentioned in the official charter of the OIC. The names of Sunni and Shi’i sects were written down, indicating that all of these sects are recognized in all Islamic countries. It was made a future agenda of the summit and member states to endeavor and create affinity and encourage talks among these sects.

Volunteer Iranian Homicide Bombers Ready to Strike Israel & Americans in Iraq

29 July 2005: Earlier this month, Al-Arabiya TV broadcast a report on an Iranian recruiting mision of suicide bombers intended to target Israelies and Americans in Iraq. The volunteers stated that they wish to carry out martyrdom operations “to liberate Islamic lands” and report in excess of 40,000 volunteers - or virtual “time bombs.”

Mohammad Ali Samedi, the chairman and spokesman of the World Islamic Organization’s Headquarters for Remembering the Shahids stated that his organization started recruiting suicide bombers about 18 months ago. He has subsequently been organizing conventions, registering volunteer suicide bombers online, and providing guidance and training for martyrdom operations. A number of Iranian public figures support and even participate in the group’s activities. Although the World Islamic Organization’s Headquarters for Remembering the Shahids publicly denies receiving any support from the Iranian government, they quietly admit governmental complicity.

In June 2004, the London Arabic-language daily [i]Al-Sharq Al-Awsat[/i] reported that a group sent to Iraq on a suicide mission from Iran had reportedly been captured and handed over to British forces.

Iran’s President-Elect Praises Martyrdom, Declares that “Islam Will Conquer the World”

29 July 2005: In only his second state television appearance, Iranian President-Elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Ahmadi-Nejad) stated on Monday, July 25, 2005 that “the act of martyrdom is often celebrated by the Iranian theocracy. On Tuesday following Ahmadinejad’s televised appearance, the London Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published a report advised Iranians on how to volunteer for the Iranian regime-sponsored volunteer martyrdom squad, and mentioned an Iranian women’s volunteer group that is dedicated to carrying out martyrdom operations against U.S., British, and Israeli forces. Excerpted from Ahmadinejad’s speech:

“The message of the Islamic Revolution is global, and is not restricted to a specific place or time. It is a human message, and it will move forward.”

“Have no doubt… Allah willing, Islam will conquer what? It will conquer all the mountain tops of the world.”

Unavoidable Nuclear Tensions with Iran Increase in Tension Designed to Coincide with Gaza Pull-out

3 August 2005: Based on a comprehensive analysis of the tenor of current reports in the Farsi-language print and broadcast media in Iran over the past two weeks, it appears that tensions over the Iranian nuclear program are getting ready to rise again. The number of reports dealing with this issue in Iran has increased dramatically in recent days, and the rhetoric within the reports has become more inflammatory.

It appears that this increase in tensions is designed to coincide with the Israeli pull-out from Gaza, and may in fact be coordinated with terror attacks inside Israel and Gaza by Islamist groups such as Hizbullah, Hamas, al Qaeda, and others.

The first indication of an increase in tensions came late last moth not from Iran, but from Pakistan. In a statement to a London-based Arabic language newspaper, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraff issued a strong warning to Israel, warning them of serious consequences if they attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

‘Neither Israel is a policeman of the world nor has the right to attack Iran or Iranian nuclear installations,’ said Musharraff. ‘I am against pre-emptive strike against any country.’ He accused Israel of violating World Order, and said that if it attacks Iran it will have to “face the music”.

On Tuesday, Manuchehr Mottaki, chairman of Iran’s Majlis Foreign Policy Committee, informed the Mehr News Agency that Iran plans to resume activities at the Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility soon.

Mottaki said “We will resume work at the UCF to the stage of producing UF6 and thus demonstrate to the world our strong resolve to make use of Iran’s legal right to master the complete nuclear fuel cycle”.

President Khatami made similar comments Monday at a meeting with representatives of the Chambers of Commerce in Terhan. According to a report on Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, “Iran is after peaceful nuclear technology and the production of nuclear fuel is Iran’s undeniable right”. He stressed that the Iranian nation would not exchange this national asset for anything else.

Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Tuesday told Australian Ambassador to Tehran Gregory Lawrence Moriarty that it is the legitimate right of Iran to make use of nuclear technology for peaceful purses.

These are only a handful of similar statements by high ranking members of the Tehran government regarding this subject which were covered in the media in recent days.

From a historical perspective, the pattern has been clear. The local media ratchets up the propaganda several days before the tensions begin to emerge on the international scene. If the pattern repeats, within the coming few weeks, there will be a considerable increase in the tension level internationally regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

Islamic Mullah’s Henchmen Hang 18 Year-Old & Juvenile

31 July 2005: The Islamic clerical regime’s henchmen publicly hanged two young boys in Edalat (Justice) Square in Mashhad (northeast Iran). One was 18 and the other below 18 years of age. Before hanging the victims, the henchmen flogged each of them 228 times. The executioners wore masks fearing reprisals and anti-riot forces put the entire area under their control to prevent outbreak of public protests.

The victims were charged with disrupting public order among other things. They had been imprisoned since 14 months ago, meaning that they were 16 years old at the time of the alleged offenses.

The rise in public executions, including those of juveniles, comes as the European Union has refused in the past three years to table a resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Commission to condemn the violations of human rights in Iran.


Iranian President-Elect Ahmadinejad’s Spiritual Advisor Calls on Iranian Volunteers to Carry Out Martyrdom Operations

29 July 2005: Ayatollah Mohammad Misbah Yazdi, the spiritual leader of Iranian President-Elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, also issued an announcement to the Iranian people, calling upon them to volunteer for an Iranian organization of martyrs.

The announcement stated:

“Acts of martyrdom are the great pinnacle of the Iranian people and the height of its courage. The Iranian Leader Khamenei has announced registration for the forces of martyrdom in all of Iran’s provinces, in order to defend Islam and to fight the enemies of Islam. Our sacred organization of martyrs belonging to the Islamic Republic, is intended for those interested in carrying out shahada [martyrdom]. The volunteer, male or female, will join specialized courses. Brother and sister believers who want to defend Islam are invited to contact us at POB 664-1653, Tehran, and to send two photos, a copy of their birth certificate, and a request to join the martyrs’ corps.”

The organization referenced is reportedly led by Elias Naderan, the leader of the conservative faction of the Iranian parliament, former intelligence officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and a close ally of President-Elect Ahmadinejad. Earlier this year, Nadeeran founded an organization named Zeitoon, which is intended for men and women interested in committing martyrdom operations “against the enemies of Iran and Islam,” with particular emphasis on operations against U.S., British, and Israeli forces. Ayatollah Yazdi has been promoting Naderan’s conventions, and emphasized to the participants the need to volunteer for the martyrdom operation training courses.

Iran’s President-Elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Complete Bio - In His Own Writing

1 July 2005: Is the president-elect of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one of the hostage-takers at the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979? The Northeast Intelligence Network called upon its Farsi-language resources to help determine the answer to this question. Sure enough, the answer is readily found on the official website of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, written entirely in Farsi, and complete with images. The website includes various documents from Ahmadinegad’s campaign where he claims “I Can Control the Americans - I Have Experience Doing It.” In one particularly disturbing document, he claims that if elected, he will “bring the death that the Shi’ite are experiencing in Iraq to the streets of America with the volunteer martyr brigades that are ready to act.”

Ahmadinegad claims that under his leadership “America will not stop Iran from its uranium programs. Iran has a right to defend itself against the Zionist sons of pigs and apes.” He says that he “knows how to control the US and will do so when the time is right.”

The website in fact boasts of his involvement in the Embassy takeover, even posting photographs of Ahmadinegad and his fellow students.

The website claims that this photograph was taken inside the US Embassy in Tehran in 1980.

The official biography on Ahmadinejad’s website leaves little doubt as to his involvement in the 1979 embassy takeover:

* Born in Garmsar, east of Tehran in 1956
* 4th child of 7
* Working class family
* Father was a blacksmith
* Family moved to south Tehran in 1957
* Graduated high school
* Enrolled Elm-o Sanaat University 1975 studying engineering
* Became leave of student activist group at Elm-o Sanaat University
* Founded the Islamic Students Association at Elm-o Sanaat shortly after fall of shah
* 1979 became representative from Elm-o Sanaat at the Office of Strengthening Unity between Students and Theological Seminaries (OSU) (OSU set up by Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, top confidant to Ayatullah Khomeini
* Ahmadinejad and other members of OSU central councilincluding Ibrahim Asgharzadeh, Mohsen Mirdamadi, Mohsen Kadivar, Mohsen Aghajari, and Abbas Abdi regularly met with Khomeini
* Mirdamadi and Abdi suggested to OSU that US embassy be stormed. Ahmadinejad recommended storming the Soviet embassy at the same time.
* During 1980 “Islamic Cultural Revolution” Ahmadinejad and the OSU assisted in purging dissident lecturers and students - many arrested and later executed.
* 1980 - Ahmadinejad joined Revolutionary Guards
* 1980s, Ahmadinejad employed as interrogator and torturer the Internal Security department of Revolutionary Guard.
* Iran government website Baztab, claims Ahmadinejad worked as an executioner in the notorious Evin Prison.
* 1986 became senior officer in Special Brigade. Revolutionary Guard, at Ramazan Garrison (Ramazan Garrison was the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards’ “extra-territorial operations”, a euphemism for terrorist attacks beyond Iran’s borders.)
* Governor, Maku and Khoy (towns in NW Iran)
* 1993 appointed governor of Ardebil Province
* 1997 return to Elm-o Sanaat University to teach and organize Ansar el Hezbollah
* 2003 became major of Tehran; founded Abadgaran-e Iran-e Islami party

An opposition website claims the following:

In Kermanshah, Ahmadinejad became involved in the clerical regime’s terrorist operations abroad and led many “extra-territorial operations of the IRGC”. With the formation of the elite Qods (Jerusalem) Force of the IRGC, Ahmadinejad became one of its senior commanders. He was the mastermind of a series of assassinations in the Middle East and Europe, including the assassination of Iranian Kurdish leader Abdorrahman Qassemlou, who was shot dead by senior officers of the Revolutionary Guards in a Vienna flat in July 1989. Ahmadinejad was a key planner of the attack, according to sources in the Revolutionary Guards.

Of course, if you have doubts you can always contact him directly. The contact page on his website at lists his email address as:

Iranian President Elect: “I Can Control the Americans - I Have Experience Doing It”

Iranian President-Elect Boasts of Role in 1979 Embassy Take-over Found in Farsi Language Documents

30 June 2005: Research and investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network is beginning to substantiate what five former American hostages of the 1979 Iranian embassy take-over have been saying – current Iranian President-elect Mahmoud Amadinejad was one of their captors. In fact, documents found published in Farsi suggest that not only was Amadinejad one of their captors, he was one of the masterminds behind the embassy take-over where Islamic fundamentalists held Americans for 444 days.

Documents reviewed in Farsi strongly implicate the current Iranian President in his role in the 1979 take-over.

Iran + Islamic Theocracy = Terrorism; What Else is there to Investigate?

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

1 July 2005: The White House said today that it has unearthed no evidence so far that Iranian President-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was involved in the 1979 siege of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Perhaps they should consult Ahmadinejad’s own web site, which is in Farsi. Granted, both Islamic terrorists and slick politicians lie, but why would he boast about his role in the 1979 take-over if it was untrue? Islamic terrorists enjoy that “in your face” tactic, so it is very reasonable to believe the claims of several former hostages that Ahmadinejad played a role in the hostage “crisis.” If I spent well over a year as a hostage of Islamic terrorists, you can damn well bet that I would remember each and every one of my captors for as long as it would take me to exact revenge. You can also bet that I would spend the remainder of my life hunting each of them down, especially if my government has not.

It’s time for the “P.C. Crowd” in the U.S. to realize that the government of Iran is a primary sponsor of Islamic terrorism, and you cannot reasonably negotiate with terrorists. It is difficult, however, to identify terrorists for what they are when you have the American media calling the current Iranian vice president and head of the Environment Department, Massoumeh Ebtekar “Sister Mary.” She, of course, was the chief interpreter and spokeswoman for the Islamic terrorist thug students who took over the U.S. Embassy and held 52 Americans – and America hostage for 444 days. You might recall that the good “sister” was the terrorist mouthpiece who spewed venomous nightly interviews during the standoff, calling the hostages “spies” and accusing the United States of committing crimes.

She’s no “sister” – she is an Islamic terrorist. So is Ahmadinejad. What is there to investigate?

Smoking Gun: Iran Already Nuclear Armed

by Sean Osborne, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs Expert

19 March 2005: A recent article featured on the Internet news site Debka stated “Iran currently has at least 12 Kh-55 strategic cruise missiles with 3,000km range capable of carrying 200 kiloton nuclear warheads.” The article further stated: “Ukrainian prosecutor-General Piskun admitted in Kiev that this “missile technology” from former Soviet nuclear arsenal had “leaked” to Iran in 2001 - albeit without nuclear warheads. He could not explain how sales occurred. Six missiles also reached China.”

Based on my research, this is only partially correct. The real story is that Iran purchased a total of six-(6) Kh-55 Granat nuclear-armed cruise missiles from an ethnic Iranian-Afghan arms merchant identified as Sarfraz Haider.

Conveniently, Sarfraz Haider was murdered in Cyprus last year, allegedly by Iranian-paid agents because he knew the truth about the full capability of the stolen Kh-55 cruise missiles. An autopsy revealed that his neck had been broken and his aorta split.

Details of the demise of arms dealer Sarfraz Haider are documented in an article written by Lincoln Wright of the Australian Herald-Sun dated 20 February 2005. Sarfraz Haider lived Australia for some time.

Excerpted from the article:

Based on documents he had seen in Cyprus, Dr Haider said he had “little doubt” the missiles were tipped with warheads. “What’s the use of the missiles without them,” Dr Haider said.

The missiles were sold through several companies, including one Cyprus-based company owned by Mr Haider, S.H. Heritage Holding Ltd, and another Iranian firm, Satak Co Ltd.

The proverbial cat was let out of the bag by Hryhoriy Omelchenko, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament and who also just happens to be a reserve colonel in the Ukrainian State Secret Services bureau (SBU). He wrote an official letter to newly elected Ukrainian President Yushchenko asking him to pursue a full investigation of the illegal sale of six Kh-55 missiles to Iran, and six Kh-55 missiles to China.

Relevant facts on this matter are contained in an on the internet web site, a project of the Claremont Institute, citing an article written by Roman Kupchinsky, an organized crime and terrorism analyst for RFE/RL Online and the editor of “RFE/RL Organized Crime and Terrorism Watch:.”

Ukrainian lawmaker Hryhoriy Omelchenko recently wrote a letter to newly elected President Viktor Yushchenko claiming that the government of Yushchenko’s predecessor, Leonid Kuchma, in collaboration with members of the military and the state arms company UkrSpetzExport sold some 20 air-launched Kh-55 and Kh-55M cruise missiles, which had the capability to carry nuclear weapons. Of these, six were sent to Iran and six to China, all between 1999 and 2001. The transfers, if true, would violate various non-proliferation agreements. Kuchma’s government is also believed to have sold advanced radar systems to Iraq in 2002, despite UN sanctions to the contrary. An American embassy spokesman in Kiev was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that the United States was “aware of the reports” of such sales and took them “very seriously.”

The Kh-55 cruise missile has a range of 3,000 kilometers, is capable of carrying a 200-kiloton nuclear warhead, and was developed for use on Russian Tupolev long-range bombers. In June 2004, Russia tested an air-launched Kh-55 which may well have been the Kh-55.

Based on my extensive research into this matter, it would appear that the Iranians could strike any target within a radius approximately equal to the distance between Tehran and Athens, Greece. This clearly puts all US CENTCOM and Israeli fixed-position, strategic military targets within the range of these weapons. Today.

Addendum - excerpted from Jane’s Intelligence Digest: “There is no doubt that the sale of the missiles to Iran and China could only have taken place with the knowledge and cooperation of senior Ukrainian officials… there is … mounting evidence to suggest that the sale of missiles to Iran was undertaken with the assistance of the Russian security services.”