Threat From Mexican Nationals Importing Explosives to San Francisco

29 January 2006: Somewhere between the official bureaucratic double-speak such as “no specific threat involved” and “doubts to the credibility of the threat,” exists the true nature of threats conveyed within various bulletins issued by agencies of the U.S. federal government. A news report published yesterday in the Ontario, California The Daily Bulletin, written by reporter Sara A. Carter, details the existence of a plot to smuggle high-grade plastic explosives into the U.S., an intelligence bulletin outlining the threat, and equally important, further addresses the issue of border security.


Through contact with government sources knowledgeable of this specific investigation, the Northeast Intelligence Network confirmed that an internal memo was issued within the Office of Border Patrol in early to mid January, 2005. An Intelligence Bulletin containing more cautious language was disseminated to specific law enforcement officials on January 12 which stated that five Mexican nationals were intending entry into the U.S., carrying nearly undetectable, high-grade plastic explosives hidden within the soles of their modified shoes; their ultimate destination is believed to be San Francisco, California. There, they are to meet with an “unidentified Iraqi national” and make the sale and transfer the explosives. Open-source news reports suggest that the identity of the Iraqi national is not known and further question the credibility of the threat.

A well-vetted government source, knowledgeable of this specific investigation and speaking on strict anonymity to the Northeast Intelligence Network, stated that the Iraqi national has been identified with a reasonable degree of certainty, and added that he has been inside this country since the early 1990’s, having sought “asylum” following the first Gulf war. He is a member of a small cell of Islamic terrorists and former Iraqi Republican Guard members based in the San Francisco area, all of whom are the subjects of ongoing surveillance operations.

This information substantiates the long-time assertions of investigative reporter and best-selling author Jayna Davis, author of The Third Terrorist, that hundreds, if not thousands of Iraqi nationals were permitted entry into the U.S. under the umbrella of political asylum but in reality, are agents of Saddam Hussein’s former Republican guard and terrorists operatives “in-waiting.” Additionally, there is a broad range of Islamic terrorists who are already in place inside the U.S., living and working among us. It is evident, based on information from non-public sources and various memos and bulletins such as the one referenced above, that additional support is being provided through individuals and groups infiltrating thorough our porous borders.

According to public reports pertaining to this matter, Department of Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke confirmed the existence of the document referencing the Mexican aliens, but added that it is an internal memo and that there are doubts to the credibility of the threat. According to press reports, he offered additional convoluted and contradictory statements. Stated Knocke:

“There is no reason to believe at this time that there is any specific threat involved.” “Anytime there is specific threat information, we share that information with the parties involved,” adding: “The department passes on information to state and local authorities anytime there is specific or credible information. The intelligence, however, would be provided to state and local authorities through a completely different channel.”

Information confirmed by the Northeast Intelligence Network determined that a memo was written and from this memo, a bulletin was issued and contained specific information regarding the Mexican aliens and their San Francisco destination. Based on our analysis, it is reasonable to conclude that operations are in progress for an upcoming wave of terrorist attacks within our borders.