Authorities about Bombs Found at Arlington, Texas Hotel: “We Were Lucky”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

UPDATED: 31 January 2006: The man who died in an Arlington hospital - ostensibly from natural caues - was identified by authorities as Richard Wayne FOWLER (a/k/a Richard DAVELYNN). Intial investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network indicates that FOWLER might originally be from Oklahoma (based on the issuance of his social security number), although most recently might have lived in the 19000 block of Preston Road, Dallas, Texas before moving to Arlington. Investigation found a number of different addresses, dates of birth and social security numbers associated with his name. Various reports list his age as 53.

Our investigation is continuing.

UPDATE 30 January 2006: Police and fire officials have identified the man who left two “fairly sophisticated explosive devices” at the InTown Suites extended stay hotel, 1727 Oak Village Boulevard, Arlington, Texas last week, but they are withholding public identification pending notification of relatives.

Reports detailed two cylindrical bombs, a duffel bag of ammunition and other items were found in the room of a man who died at an Arlington hospital earlier in the week. The management of the hotel notified police at approximately 6:00 p.m. on Friday and reported what they found inside the man’s room. Authorities described the bomb assembly as two cylinders “about 15 inches long, about 3 inches in diameter and connected to each other by 10 to 12 feet of wire. The bombs were filled with black powder, gunshot pellets and enough bullets to create a spray of shrapnel if exploded.”

Deputy Fire Marshal Darin Niederhaus told the media that “there is no evidence that the man was a terrorist,” adding that “the ingredients for the two bombs that were detonated are not difficult to find, but can be tricky to manipulate.” According to Niederhaus: “The purpose of this was to create as much havoc as possible, so that innocent bystanders are hurt.” “We were lucky.”

The Dead Suspect: Multiple ID’s

According to reports made public by the local police, the man arrived in Arlington, Texas about a month ago and obtained a job at a local business.. Most interestingly, however, the vehicle he was driving had Louisiana license plates, but the man had driver’s licenses from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is continuing to closely follow this matter.

Bombs Found in Dead Man’s Texas Hotel Room

28 January 2006: The Northeast Intelligence Network is investigating the strange circumstances surrounding the death of a yet-unidentified man who checked into the extended-stay InTown Suites on South Cooper Street (Note: address corrected in update) in Arlington, Texas last week and wound up dead in a local hospital. At some point following the man’s death, authorities entered his room to clear out his belongings and found one 14-inch long cylindrical object with plastic caps on each end and wires protruding from one end of the device. A remote control detonation device was also attached to what was later determined to be a bomb. A more extensive search found a second, similar device outside of the dead man’s room by the Fort Worth Bomb Squad.

At this point, authorities are continuing their investigation and are not releasing further details, including the identity of the man, his cause of death or other items found and removed from his room. The Northeast Intelligence Network investigators are continuing to investigate this matter and will provide additional details as they are developed.