Intolerant Muslims Take Offense to Everything - Even Humor

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director

5 OCTOBER 2008: Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is seen HERE with one of his most beloved character puppets - Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Achmed, is a lifeless puppet. However, Achmed is given life during live performances at large venues across the USA through the voice of Dunham. I recently attended a Dunham show at the Prudential Arena in Newark, NJ and can attest to the way American citizens react to the side-splitting humor that emanates from the stage during one of Jeff Dunham’s performances, and Achmed the Dead Terrorist is a star in that show.

Achmed is a dead terrorist skeleton, replete with his jihadi turban and beard, who engages in a humorous form of al-Taqiyya (Islamic dissimulation of the truth) by having variously claimed to be a dead, “terrifying terrorist” due to having suffered from a “premature detonation.” Achmed then claimed to have been fueling his car when he answered his cell phone - BOOM! Then in Achmed’s segment of last year’s Comedy Central Christmas Special he sang words in the song “Jingle Bombs” claiming to have been “shot in the ass by the U.S. Military.” Yes, Achmed is a dead terrorist puppet, who routinely threatens audience members by screaming at them during their uncontrolable bouts of laughter, “Silence! Infidel! I Keel You!” Yes, it is Achmed who without the right hand and voice of Jeff Dunham is just a heap of inanimate, manufactured materials with “Made in China” stamped on its posterior.

All in fun, right? Well not if you’re a Muslim in the Republic of South Africa and not if you’re the South African government itself. You see a ringtone commercial featuring Achmed the Dead Terrorist made its way into that unfortunate, repressed country where freedom in all of its forms does not exist. The GloMobile ringtone commercial of Achmed in Dunham’s voice has been deemed by an organ of the South African government to be “offensive to Muslims.” The ringtone has been banned. The government took this action against the right of human free speech due to the complaint of one Muslim man, Moegamat Khan, whose complaint stated that Achmed the Dead Terrorist was “offensive to the Islamic religion and created an impression that all Muslims were terrorists.”

But Achmed is dead. He’s a puppet made of inanimate materials that has “Made in China” stamped on his bony buttocks. So, the problem is not really with Achmed, the problem is with the words of a human being who lives across the ocean in a country that does have the human right of free speech, as well as the human ability to laugh. Both are 100% absent in the Republic of South Africa. Why? Because neither is permissible within totalitarian and intolerant Islam? Well, yes, that is a large part of the truth behind Moegamat Khan’s complaint. But Muslims only constitute 1.5% of the 48.7 million people who live in South Africa. So… the South African government capitulated to the complaint of 1 Muslim man among 71 thousand-some-odd South African Muslim citizens. That’s the power of Islam. That’s also the threat Islam poses to what remains of the so-called free Western Judeo-Christian world, the same world that the Republic of South Africa should have belonged to before the Marxists and Islamists seized it.

You were probably giggling when you began reading this. Now so funny now is it. You can hae your humor and free speech back, and you can keep them as long as you determine to keep this Constitutional Republic from the likes of people that inhabit and control South Africa.