Chilling Arabic communication: “When School Bus turns to Hell Bus”

“Rakan Bin Williams may be your neighbor and may be your colleague at work or a member of the local police… Imagine if “Uncle Brian,” the school bus driver carrying your children to school every morning is someone other than he claims to be? Just imagine, you very, very stupid American.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

25 September 2008: Among Muslims who have immigrated to the United States over the last quarter century, there is a certain element that has not arrived with the intention to adapt, to make a new life for themselves or their families, to make a living, or to be thankful for the country that has openly accepted and embraced them.

That particular element has arrived with the surreptitious agenda of Islamizing America; to convert our country that is rooted in Judeo-Christian principles to Islam. They are here to corrupt our country from within, exploit the freedoms they have been granted, our multicultural tolerance, and our laws for the purpose of eradicating our democracy and establishing a one-world caliphate. They have, in fact, admitted as much.

This process has increased exponentially over the last decade, and consists of the influx of a much more dangerous portion of the element referenced above. While the former group consists of individuals who are cunning but patient, supportive of terrorism but covertly so, the latter group is arriving to avenge what they perceive as the evils committed by the Great Satan and our friends and partners in the Middle East, Israel.

Although they employ different tactics the majority of the time, both groups of this same vitriolic element share the same basic philosophy and objectives. Despite deceptive outward appearances, neither group of this element is here to assimilate, to tolerate, or to exist peaceably.

There is yet another element, perhaps more insidious, one that is indigenous to the United States. This element consists of those born in America who converted to the Muslim religion, sharing, however, the same ideological and political objectives of those who have arrived in the U.S. for nefarious purposes. Many such converts have been recruited through Wahabbi funded outreach programs, through our prison systems, and by other means fashioned to take advantage of those who feel disenfranchised and vulnerable.

It is this group of terrorists who adhere to the Islamic philosophy of jihad, who by all outward appearances look like an average person you might see sitting next to you on a bus, train, or even at a ball game. It was in November of 2006 that a message appeared on an Arabic language Internet forum that initially described the individuals who just might carry out the next wave of attacks inside the U.S. The post referenced this type of individual by a single name: Rakan bin Williams.

Described as Western or European in appearance, the attackers would be Muslim converts, perhaps those who have appeared to assimilate and even become respected in our society. It is this group that is the subject of the post printed below that was just published to an Arabic language web forum.

Mindful of that threat, consider this chilling communication by an individual who promises revenge against American children for the deaths of children in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. The words of this poster should speak for themselves:

[Translated from Arabic and excerpted]:

“Imagine in America, terrorists are living in the same building and riding the same train, and watching movies every Saturday in the cinema hall frequented by residents at the end of the week.

Rakan Bin Williams may be your neighbor and may be your colleague at work or a member of the local police. Oh my God! Oh My God!

Just imagine, you very, very stupid American.

Imagine if “Uncle Brian,” the school bus driver carrying your children to school every morning is someone other than he claims to be?

Just imagine, you very, very stupid American.

Uncle Brian walks to his bus, waves to the police patrol in the middle of some small town. He’s always smiling, everyone knows him and he is respected and recognized by everyone. He plays and laughs with the children, but believes you are a very, very stupid American. Uncle Brian has changed significantly…

Imagine if he was [a] Rakan bin Williams?

Imagine as he drove his bus to the rail crossing that cut through the city, and the gate closed as the train approached, but the bus crashes the gate and stops suddenly on the rail track!!! And the train continues. Uncle Brian stays on the tracks and keeps the door closed as the train approaches rapidly. Maybe they’ll say that Uncle Brian might have lost his mind?

Or perhaps he was thinking of the little children massacred and pictures of the children killed where our children died.

Imagine if there were hundreds of “Uncle Brians” among you?

This is just a little hint of what’s to come. I want you to clearly understand that it is too late. Yes, it is too late.

The people of the U.S. are very, very stupid and they will pay dearly, Do you understand??

Your neighbor might have become of us. Perhaps your boss at work as well.

It is not just a nightmare, you stupid American.”