Doug Hagmann on The Bob Davis Show

22 September 2008: Currently, the woes of the U.S. financial markets dominate the news headlines. Obscured by news of economic worries, there is an increased threat of terrorist attacks against U.S. interests and assets domestically and abroad. The two situations, however, are not unrelated.

Terrorist leaders are closely watching our economy. They are not only rejoicing in our economic woes, they are working to exacerbate them. Arabic language forums used by terrorists - the forums currently in operation - are full of discussions, plans and instructions.

Doug Hagmann, the founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, talks with top talk radio show host Bob Davis of AM 1500 - KSTP in Minneapolis, Minnesota about important events taking place in the world of terror threats we’re not hearing about in the corporate media. This is a “must listen” interview segment.

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