Tonight on The Roth Show: An honest look at 9/11, seven years later

12 September 2008: It’s been seven years since the worst attacks on American soil shattered America’s false sense of security from enemies - foreign and domestic. As our society softens, our enemies are becoming more dangerous than ever. They are being born, raised and trained not only in the caves of Afghanistan and the mosques and madrassas of Pakistan, but right here in North America. Whether by ignorance, policy or deliberate design, our enemies are getting help from people within the very institutions charged to protect us.

You will NOT find the truth by listening to the politically charged rhetoric of agenda driven talk shows that dominate the national airwaves. There is, however, one nationally syndicated program that provides the unvarnished albeit uncomfortable truth about where we were pre-9/11, and what has transpired since that day: The Roth Show.

Listen tonight as Doug Hagmann joins Laurie for their regular Friday night show, taking a hard look at events that led up to the attack on America, and what we’ve done about it since.

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