Islamic Jihadists Post 50K Bounty on McCain’s Spiritual Advisor Pastor Rod Parsley

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director


2 SEPTEMBER 2008: Courtesy of “Archangel”

The Northeast Intelligence Network has secured an Islamic Jihadist threat posted just last night on the life of American Evangelical Pastor Rod Parsley. Pastor Parsley is the spiritual advisor to presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Senator John McCain. The threat offers a $50,000.00 bounty for the head of Pastor Parsley.

Here is the text of the threat:

50 thousand dollars to those who come Presse Rod Parsley

————————————————– ——————————

Name of God the Merciful

(To hear from those who were given the book before you who have been involved is often abused) of Imran, 186

To each of Nasser taghoots this is America incite fighting all Muslims
To both defend Americans from the Muslims, this is America incite fighting all Muslims
To all secular Ethan, this is America incite fighting all Muslims
Toner to the bad and scientists Sultan, this is America incite fighting all Muslims
The dogs and interior ministries in the Arab and Muslim worlds, this is America incite fighting all Muslims

The sincerity of the Mujahideen in the name of Allah and there is superseding Khose and Almkzlon, the Americans claim to a crusade and annoy Allah and His Messenger, it would read the article fully aware repugnant to Islam and the Reverend Enough of this lowliness and Hakarh when he says that God Almighty is the devil who was revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him.

This is Rod Parsley, who incited Christians in the United States to prepare to fight a war to eliminate the new crusade against Islam and Muslims, through speeches and written by the famous religious center in the pro-American Republicans. This is a priest’s spiritual adviser McCain now

This picture of the American priest - Treasury God - Muslims, it is able to do it already, who is president of the Church “World Harvest” and you following URL who wants to prosecute and eliminate
And praise to God we have God for the allocation of $ 50 thousand dollars to those who bring this dog’s head, which hurt Allah and His Messenger.

Reverend Rod Carsley, the spiritual guide of McCain wants to “destroy Islam”

Evangelical Pastor Rod Carsley ally United States Senator John McCain in Ohio calls for the eradication of “fraudulent religion.” -David Korn, March 12, 2008

John McCain praised the position of the priest’s spiritual adviser, who leads the Evangelical Church of Harvest International Christopher Columbus called all Christians to declare “war” against “counterfeit religion” Islam is the aim of eliminating them. They met during a general meeting of the electoral campaign in Cincinnati, has pointed out that the monk McCain is a “conservative forces that can be trusted and relied upon.”

Carsley and this is one of renowned religious leaders in the region where the sweet, rallied 120 thousand people have many books that show how his ideas extremism. In issued in 2005 a book entitled: “Enough of silence” as indicating “spiritual despair” reached by the United States and blows the usual doubts: eliminate activists, civilians Liberals defend the separation of church and state “culture” of homosexuality, “abortion industry,” ” Duffer activity and Kafr industry “, but focused on another serious threat in the United States is the” Islamic religion “.

In one of the chapters of the book entitled: God of Islam deception “Carsley refers to the existence of war between” Islam and Christian civilization “and says:” I can not say that the abandonment of you that it is important to understand the nature of Islam and the fact we look at reality. In fact, I will tell you, because I do not think that our country can truly achieve the ability of the divine only if absorbed historic conflict with Islam. I know that this seems exaggerated to say much, but I will not give in to its obligations. In fact, has been the establishment of the United States, part of which, with the intention to see this religion counterfeit devastating and I think that September 11, 2001 was not a generous invitation to bear arms so we can not ignore more than this time. ”

The Carsley is not afraid of his desire Balkdhaeali Islam, says in his book “Enough silence” that Christopher Columbus (Nahp Indians of South America) had been investigating the same goal: “We went to the defeat of Islam in addition to another where he felt sail around the world in the new in 1429. .. And he had dreamt defeated the armies of Islam in Europe, a giant, through the use of the riches the New World, was part of that dream had begun in America. ” Carsley has insisted on reading to be alert that a clash between Christianity and Islam can not be avoided: “We are now a presence in the event that we can not choose, but the time has come.” He also stated that he had bad news: “We could have lost the battle. The picture that I see the world through I find that Islam is responsible for many of the pain, massacres and many more have not caused loss of power away again until now.”

Carsley has also stated that Islam was “hostile to the Christian religion” depends on “Trick”, and says: that the Muslim Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) has received revelation from the Devils and not from true God “and also indicates:” God is a spirit of a satanic ” Almighty God and what dub highest considerably.

Parsley also does not differentiate between Muslim extremists and others exist to this religion “Some might say, of course, remind him that violence is exceptional and not the rule. Irregularities I regret to you, respectfully tell you that some extremists belonging to the mainstream of where believers were selected from the heart of Islam Real ”
He recalled that “the spirit of Islam” hostile, and stressed that this religion is “inspired” the attacks of Sept. 11, regrets that one year after the attacks in a Sept. 11, 2002 converted to Islam 34 thousand U.S. and that there is “1209? mosques in the United States. And make Islam “the doctrine that it is trying to control the whole world” through violence. And that the United States had historically been a stronghold for fighting Islam, but history “turned us”
In another chapter on Islam Carsley wondered: “Are we a Christian nation? Say yes”, without identifying the specific measures or work to eliminate Islam, but calls for a crusade.

Take God is capable Aziz
God enabled the Mujahedeen of the neck

The latest pretext that Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
Do not forget the benefit of supplication
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