Setting the Stage for the Perfect Geopolitical Storm

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director

September 1, 2008: On this date 71 years ago World War II began with Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland. However, the start of the war was not without significant precursor events. As posted to The Northeast Intelligence Network’s “NEIN Blog” we find ourselves at the virtual 70 year anniversary of that well prepared-in-advance, deliberately provoked war of conquest as well as the subsequent annexation of the Sudetenland and, ultimately all of the independent democracy known as Czechoslovakia.

As stated in the Blog, I believe the real-world parallels to what has been occurring during the past month in the Republic of Georgia at the hands of the military expansionist Russian Federation is either history is repeating itself, or Russian planners are explicitly following the template set forth by the German-Nazi Third Reich and their Sudetendeutsche Party (SdP) 5th column when they carved out the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia and eventually conquered the entire country. As the historical experience of Czechoslovakia attests in the face of such barbaric and wanton aggression, the Western democracies, with America as its leader, have merely offered words of encouragement coupled with humanitarian assistance to their ally in Georgia.

When it comes to military invasion, occupation and annexation such words and assistance are beyond meaningless. The West, with America as its leader, has learned nothing from the lessons of the years immediately preceding World War II, and thus we are very probably destined to repeat the global war which followed. That the current calendar date is almost exactly 70 years to the day into the future from the cession of the Czech Sudetenland to Nazi Germany, make no mistake, the world situation is actually very much like that of the year 1938. The difference is that this time nuclear weapons exist in abundance.

Another similarity to the events of 70 years ago exists is the fact that America is currently preoccupied with several national security interests. We are engaged in the rump of the 5 1/2–year old war against formerly-Ba’athist Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. This is a war which is on the verge of complete victory barring further military intervention and escalation by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We are also engaged in a 7-year old very dangerous, tenuous and growing Islamic insurgent war in Afghanistan against an Islamist Al Qaeda and Taliban enemy conducting combat operations from within the safe haven of nuclear-armed Pakistan. These wars have cost America billions upon billions of dollars, and thousands in professional and innocent lives. As a result, our economy is reeling.

We have the specter of two potentially back-to-back devastating hurricanes in the southeastern quadrant of the nation which will likely extract another hefty monetary toll in damages just three years after the Katrina/Rita disasters. We are still reeling from unprecedented oil and gasoline prices.

And, to top it all off, we have a looming presidential election which is so critical to our national security and longevity as to nearly defy an adequate description of its critical importance. This series of statements could have been boiled down to my saying that America is in a very, very critical exigency.

However, let’s return to the warfront, which due to its nature is the most problematic of all the issues facing America at this juncture. The Russian Federation is now inexorably embarked on a major military expansion and re-conquest of the territories of the former Soviet Empire. The obvious priority of this re-conquest is the Caucasus, the mountainous link between Russia, its newest ally the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the acutely and politically troubled nation of Turkey.

In the past months most of us have likely forgotten about the assassination of former-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko via the radioactive isotope Polonium-210. Given the current state of affairs are you willing to give Czar Vladimir Putin a pass in that murder? What’s one ex-KGB agent when compared to thousands of ethnic Georgians being cleansed by enemy troops under the command of Czar Putin from their own sovereign territory? Well, Litvinenko is not the last assassination attributable to the “new Russia”. Just yesterday it was reported that a critic of the current Caucasus war was assassinated while in Russian government custody. Magomed Yevloyev, a strong critic of Russian activities in his home of Ingushetia and in Georgia, was arrested by local police and assassinated by a gunshot to the head while sitting in the police car.

The point here is as I have made clear previously,  there is no such thing as the “new democratic Russia.” It does not exist now, and it has never existed since the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This “new” Russia is really no different than the former Soviet Russia. Instead of the dictates of the communist party the dictates of the KGB/FSB now run the whole show. If there is a minute difference between them it is that this Russia far more dangerous than Soviet Russia was. The old Soviet Russia possessed at least some semblance of political checks and balances on those who held power. The new KGB/FSB-led Russia is a corporate-oligarchy dictatorship wherein all power truly emanates from just one man, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

In 63 days, America, you have an appointment to elect a president. Only the Lord knows what can and probably will occur between now and then. My advice is for all America to invoke the Creator God we reference in all of our official documents and on our government edifices; pray to Him for direct intervention and guidance – and then go vote your conscience. Our future depends upon it.