Poisoning the Water Supply of Major Cities- What Was Missed

“Missed entirely, it was the placement of those two files that made the potential for a credible threat.”

Analysis from “Archangel,” one of the nation’s leading deep undercover researchers of Islamic terrorist activities*

20 August 2008 I watched with interest a recent analysis broadcast on Fox News of a specific “post” published on an Arabic language Internet forum suggesting the poisoning of water supplies by Islamic terrorists. The posting was made on August 9, 2008 and appeared instructional in nature. Supposedly, intelligence analysts are looking at this information, as reported by the media broadcast.

According to the analysis of the posting, the threat was ultimately deemed “not credible” based on several factors within the instructions.

Based on their limited information, one could easily and reasonably concur. Based on this limited analysis, the threat then, could be dismissed.

Unfortunately, the analyst and hence, the reporter, missed critical data in their “grab and go” style of analysis and reporting. This is a frequent occurrence in intelligence circles and media reporting, so it should not come as a surprise to anyone. An analyst or person monitoring a particular forum finds a diagram, photographs, and accompanying instructions but fails to look further. Rather than performing a more thorough investigation of the entire forum thread and related items, the tendency is to limit analysis to the primary posting, perhaps convinced of its instructional independence by the pictures and diagrams contained within the post.

In this case we have a forum posting that contains instructions on poisoning the water supplies of major cities. Analysts spoke only of the original post which was written in Arabic and when translated, excerpts read as follows:


A fatal blow to the back Denmark, Britain and the European Union: it has??
Praise be to God, then Enough peace and blessings on the beloved Prophet
And without introductions or announcements
Ramadan at the door
Muhammad peace be upon him
I say support our Prophet
Simple and practical objectives as follows:

0: Responding to God and His Prophet and the believers

1: Spite of enemies of God Denmark and Britain and their peoples, governments

2: education Denmark and the European Union to respect the whole way
Prophet peace be upon him who this recipient

3: victory, easing pressure on the Jund Rahman Yards in the landing

Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya and the Muslim country of Morocco, Somalia

The Turkestan and other ……………..

4: to create terror and fear in the ranks of the enemy

5: one enemy b ………………. .
Otherwise, such operations would continue quality

The idea of the process as an example because there are not limited to
What is stronger than this and Lankan
This clarification is to move the mind in creative thinker

I say we all know that almost all European countries atheists have a key pipeline
With every town with water
Has a beginning and the end of it subdivided for feeding tubes into
Neighborhoods and homes

What concerns (appeals to us) us now is the main pipe along
Name of chemical injection is a killer
Once that petition with the body or drinking

I mean, who does not have the time to basically carry the same ambulance
Government does not have time to trauma of the people who will be moved

To hell and misery determination

Meaning the second day morning three quarters
City went without a return of blasphemy

Operation of this kind requires, inter alia,

0: monitoring the goal for consecutive days and then
Choose the right time to implement the process

Read the map well

1: no benefit of having a set for this process because the confidentiality of their dangerous big thing
Just one person insured to implement the order from the door of the increase in security

2: taken care not to leave fingerprints or a (use) a woman (Control)
The region must be found to re-examine the plan
With consistent and mislead the escorts of all kinds
Whether women or persons

3: non-use of a car, leading to a near goal
This section also security

4: non-use Mobile Phones during the implementation process

5: Ali Brother insured for example a hat normal
On the head during movement
To conceal his face from the sight of the existing controls most streets in Europe

6: implementation of the process and leave the country immediately


The repercussions of this matter can be described only after signed on earth

And the knowledge of God


In conclusion remind myself and you will not be filled bulk

Fight them with their hands and God will punish them and insist on Ikhozhm and cured the people believing in their hearts go resentment and repent to God, whom God knows the Wise

Far from bin Jabal may Allah be pleased with him that he heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him say: Who fought in the cause of Allah Defensive nothing has travelled a Paradise It wound wound in the name of Allah or the catastrophe inflicted on judgement day comes, they were Kagzr, Saffron colour, with the wind Musk )).
Narrated by Ahmed and Altermive and Abodaod and Women’s and attributed correctly

And Ibn Umar that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: “ordered that the killer of people even see that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad Messenger of Allah and establish worship and pay Zakat If they do so Esmat their money in their blood and only the right to self-Islam and God” Bukhari

Shafei said, “God’s Book landfill and the year Nabih peace be upon him that the imposition of jihad is to be played by the inadequacy of it to do so are met: one to be toward the enemy Almkhov Muslims and prevent him from the other: the striving of Muslims from jihad in the adequacy Even recognize their idols or give the people of the book tribute

He said Mohammed bin Hassan “the hypothesis of hostilities meant: cherish religion and oppress the idolaters

His son values “and the meaning of jihad is to be the word of God is supreme and religion is all God … it is religion that God humiliate the infidels and its people, young and jizyah capital owners and slavery on the neck of this religion of God does not contradict this only left the infidels and establish the Glory It also love their religion so that they fork and floor”

And Ibn Abd al-Barr said “all the people fighting the infidels from the book and other captain and Turk and Abyssinia and heavy and Alsqalbh and Berbers and the Magi and other infidels from Arab and Ajman are fighting to recognize or give a hand on the revenue they recipient”

The most helpless of God, but most people do not know

-End translation-

The news anchor seemed to dismiss the post as not very credible because of the instructional points such as “Don’t use your cell phone” and “Don’t use your vehicle” etc. Again, basing one’s analysis solely on the initial post and the limited information subjected to their analysis, one would tend to concur.

What was completely missed, however, were supporting postings within the same forum related to the primary instructional post. What is worthy of being labeled as a potential (and credible) threat is when another terrorist supplies the correct and necessary information or training to carry out the threat.

In this instance, such additional information was presented in the form of two specific files:

(1) a 31-page Arabic handwritten document containing diagrams for explosives and further into these documents there was data regarding poisons;

(2) a link to an instructional video (in English) on how to manufacture RICIN. The film provided lessons on the RICIN manufacturing process clear enough that one could successfully do it themselves.

Missed entirely, it was the placement of those two files that made the potential for a credible threat.

* Director’s note: Most visitors to this web site are familiar with “Archangel,” which is the Internet persona of one of the nation’s leading deep undercover researchers and analysts of Arabic language web sites and other intelligence sources. “Archangel” is active in undercover research and investigation of various sources and individuals that offer substantive information from bona-fide terrorists, their accomplices and supporters.

Most visitors also know my disdain for Internet aliases, as they rarely serve any legitimate purpose beyond providing a convenient and cowardly means to conceal ones identity when launching written attacks they ordinarily would not do using their own identity. The latter is the reason this web site does not permit the use of Internet aliases except to protect the identity of those in law enforcement or a related field for personal and operational safety.

–Douglas J. Hagmann, Director