Tonight on The Roth Show: Russia & the changing world stage

15 August 2008: This week’s headlines read like they are from an early 1960’s Rod Serling Twilight Zone script - the kind that frightened many people into believing that World War III - a war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was imminent. Tensions between the Soviet Union and the West seemed to reach critical mass with the Cuban missile crisis, although Soviet-American relations continued to be quite chilly for the next three decades.

Following the dismantling of the Berlin wall and the Soviet empire, many believed that the Russians suddenly became our friends. Despite a massive amount of evidence and numerous examples to the contrary, countless Americans continue to believe that the intentions of the Russian leadership, particularly those of Russian “Tsar” Vladimir Putin, are innocuous.

It seemed like few were paying attention as Russia was selling billions of dollars of missiles, fighter jets, and nuclear technology to our enemies, including Iran. Fewer still seemed to notice Putin building strategic alliances with Iran, Libya and Syria.

Now that Russia has attacked Georgia - an ally of the United States, will more people begin to take notice?

Listen tonight to the nationally syndicated radio program The Roth Show, as Northeast Intelligence Network Director Doug Hagmann joins Laurie for their regular Friday night segment to discuss the significant importance of these unfolding events.

John Giduck, author of Terror at Beslan is scheduled to be a guest for the first hour of the show.

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Russia- Our Cold War Enemy Reemerges

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

24 March 2005: Russia, the full time enemy of the United States for the duration of the cold war, then a supposed ally of the United States for about fifteen years, has resumed the role as an enemy of the United States again. No, this isn’t being spoken of at every kitchen table in America and our missiles are not on high alert awaiting an incoming strike from Russian made ICBM’s. One must have noticed, however, that the Russians have chosen sides with sworn enemies of the United States and are supplying arms, technology and training to those enemies.

One has to wonder why the Russians have chosen this road to certain conflict. What are the reasons for their blatant anti-American behavior recently? Is it bitterness over their collapse as a world power that made America appear as the reigning champion afterwards? Is it for economic reasons? Are there elements of the old communist regime still deeply imbedded in Russian politics and the Kremlin that secretly dream of the destruction of America? Or are they simply fulfilling their destiny?

Russia paved the way for terrorists to obtain nuclear materials through several avenues and methods. The primary acquisition of the materials was due to poor security at their nuclear facilities shortly after they went “belly up” as a super power. Plants with materials left unguarded and essentially unsecured in the open which resulted in thefts of these materials by not only outsiders, but by Russians themselves in the fields of science and technology, the Russian Mafia and most certainly military and intelligence personnel who wished to capitalize on their country’s economical and political demise. On the “black market,” a Russian in possession of a block of plutonium and a capable buyer could indeed become a wealthy man in short order.

It has long been established that suitcase style nuclear devices, uranium and plutonium as well as missiles themselves have been stolen from Russian facilities and redistributed to the highest bidders worldwide through the black market over the years. Most of these items were acquired by terrorist regimes, rogue states and terrorists themselves. Russian scientists have disappeared from the face of the earth not because of foul play, but instead because they have sold their services, knowledge and technology to the highest bidders. These scientist and technology types are not limited to the nuclear field of expertise but also include experts in biological and chemical weaponry as well. This very same type of corruption is also occurring in Pakistan as they have had their share of scientists and technicians sell out to terrorists and terrorist regimes worldwide.

Russia has openly supported Iran in their pursuit of nuclear technology, much to the chagrin of the western world. They provided technology for the construction of the nuclear facilities in Iran; according to intelligence reports, they have provided the process technologies for enriching uranium and are currently training over 1000 Iranians to make these facilities fully operational by next year. The world, especially the United States has officially placed Iran on notice for their nuclear activities, yet Russia has completely disregarded the wishes of the U.S. and her allies and continues to supply and assist Tehran in their nuclear endeavors. These are not the actions of an ally or even a fair weather friend. Russia has chosen sides, and it is not the side of the United States.

This issue cannot be ignored much longer as it is only paving the way to disaster. There are many tensions in the region and Israel is the most likely target of Iran in the near future. Turkey is indicating a loosely worded alliance with Syria, who is already aligned with Iran, a significant perpetuator of all radical Islamic terrorist activities. When you throw Russia and their whorish attitude and still available nuclear capabilities into the mix, the potential outcome is deadly. This is an issue that will not stay on the back burner for very long as it is already slowly emerging to the forefront as a threat to the stability of that region. The problems and potential for irreversible deadly actions is immense and in my opinion, from a threat priority standpoint, far outweigh any immediate threat that North Korea poses to the U.S.

Granted, what is happening in North Korea now is dangerous and must be addressed. What is happening in that particular region that currently encompasses Syria, Iran, Turkey and Russia is a much greater threat to the United States and the western world as this region and the alliances forming within will be at the forefront of the next major world conflict.

Someday, everyone will understand why it was critical to remove Saddam Hussein and have a US presence directly adjacent to this cast of deadly characters.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.