Possible Chemical Attack Planned at Democractic National Convention?

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

13 August 2008: The FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Colorado State Police, the Colorado National Guard, and various other state and local law enforcement agencies are involved in investigating the death of a man found in a Denver hotel on Monday. Saleman Adbirahman DIRIE, 29, a Somalian native who had been living in Canada, was dead for at least six days when found inside room 408 at the Burnsley Hotel, 1000 Grant Street, Denver, Colorado.

This law enforcement source stated that “police found two large bottles of a powdered cyanide-based substance inside of the room, in addition to other materials consistent with the storage and handling of cyanide.”

According to authorities, no passport was found on Dirie or inside of his room.

The Burnsley Hotel is located about four blocks from the State Capitol building, and not far from many events associated with the Democratic National Convention scheduled in Denver later this month.

Despite the circumstances surrounding his death, authorities are downplaying the incident and are being intentionally vague about the identification of the substance. According to public news sources, FBI Special Agent in Charge James Davis stated “that nothing so far has been found to link the case to terrorism or the coming convention.”