Listen Closely

“…the people that know how to fight this war being totally ignored. You can collect data, strategize, study the enemy, know how to win but if the politicians don’t get off their fat asses and listen to the people that know, we will accomplish nothing.” -Randy Taylor

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

13 November 2006: Hear that sucking sound? That is the sound of your Freedom and Democracy going down the toilet.

Tuesdays vote was the hand of the Democratic left and of Islam hitting the handle on the commode and flushing America down the toilet. I only hope we plugged up the hole and they Democrats and Islam don’t have a plunger strong enough to finish the job.

The American majority did exactly as they were asked to by the terrorists and voted both Congress and the US Senate right into disaster. Ellison was voted in, the same Ellison that is backed by CAIR who was started by people directly linked to Islamic terrorism.

As you look through the campaign contributions Muslim organizations are showing all over the place, Republican and Democrat. This idiot Howard Dean wants to pack up today and pull out of Iraq among others. The majority of the people that were elected want to cut and run without realizing that all they are doing is setting up a pure terrorist state. We are helping establish [b]Taliban Central[/b] right next to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey. When we pull out we will lose much needed strategic positioning in the Middle Eastern region, as well as leaving the terrorists in charge and painting a huge crosshair on the United States. Remember the September 11th attacks were planned in an Islamic state, run by the Taliban who were hosts to al Qaeda who planned and conducted the attack. How did that work for us?

Great, now let’s look at pulling out of a country on the border of civil war, with Islamic neighbors just dying to get in as soon as we vacate and they will have additional oil reserves to sell for terrorist funding. This move will be the right thing to do?

The people that were elected are not fighters, they are pacifists. They coddle the enemy, they ignore reality, they embrace the very people that have sworn to destroy the United States of America. They will be the downfall of this great country.

As Islam grew in strength and planned to destroy the US throughout the 90’s, the Democrats in charge did nothing. They didn’t arrest Osama Bin Laden, they didn’t aggressively address the problem and their failures directly led to the tragic events on September 11, 2001. The “Commander-in-Chief” at the time was more interested in seeing where cigars would fit and working overtime to cover past transgressions dating all the way back to his stint as the Arkansas Governor.

I’m sitting here watching all the experts on terrorism, the people that know how to fight this war being totally ignored. You can collect data, strategize, study the enemy, know how to win but if the politicians don’t get off their fat asses and listen to the people that know, we will accomplish nothing. These Democrat politicians don’t listen to the people that know how to win wars, they only talk and they talk mostly from the south end.

We don’t win wars with rhetoric, negotiations with terrorists and ignorance. You do not acknowledge terrorists, terrorist states and you certainly don’t make deals with them. You do not defeat terrorists by ignoring them. You defeat terrorists by killing them. Politicians do not win wars. Warriors win wars. You will soon know I speak the truth.

It’s almost noon, so Ellison should be in his office bowing down to the east, towards Mecca because he sure isn’t rereading the Constitution. Ellison most likely doesn’t even have a copy in his office, probably never read it. If he has a copy it is only to remind him everyday that it is his Islamic mission to destroy it.

If we truly want to win the war in Iraq, you find a general like General George Patton, give him the green light and let him win the war. If he wants a half a million soldiers, give them to him. That man knew that politicians do not win wars. Warriors win wars. Get the pacifist media out of there. Silence the bleeding hearts.

I long for the day that the United States is the respected superpower it once was, if we haven’t already done irreparable damage already. We should be respected by the good people and feared by the bad people. This nation was built around God, not Islam. Islamic influence in the United States must be cut off at every turn. Read your Bible people.

Let’s get back to the basics so all the people who gave their lives over the centuries to protect this great nation did not die in vain. God bless our veterans, our warriors. You did your best. I and many like myself salute you and appreciate the ultimate sacrifices you made for me and this country. I am sorry that it appears that we are letting your deaths be in vain. I and many like myself will try my best to not let this happen.

Be safe and stay vigilant to include watching the sell-outs who are in charge now.