Russia’s military offensive against Georgia: Preparations for regional war?

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs Specialist

Could this be part of a larger military strategy in the run-up to a confrontation with Iran?

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Russia expands military blitz against Georgia - deploys ships

U.S. moves two new carrier groups to the Persian Gulf region

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Over 2,000 killed in fighting in South Ossetia

11 August 2008: A very disturbing confluence of events is currently taking place on the world stage, events that have the possibility of changing the course of our world as we know it. Tensions are mounting over Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions and their intent on the destruction of Israel. The U.S. has deployed two new carrier groups to the Persian Gulf region. At the same time, Russia is mounting an offensive against the independent state of Georgia. The man behind the offensive appears to be the “Big Bear” himself - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The Republic of Georgia is an ally of the West, and wants Russian troops out of the country. They desire to join NATO and want to allow the U.S. to place missile defense batteries on their soil. For expressing their desire to join NATO, Russia imposed a military blockade against Georgia in 2006. Earlier that year, in the midst of a severe winter, oil supply pipelines serving the population of Georgia were sabotaged, with many fingers pointing to Russia as the culprit. Many analysts stated that Russia was behind the attacks, which served as a warning to Georgia NOT to ally themselves with the West or join NATO.

What is the importance of Georgia?

To understand the importance of the control of the Republic of Georgia, one has to take a few steps back and view the larger global picture. Remove the blinders and rose-colored glasses, and dispel all fallacious notions that the current Russian leadership is a friend of the West.

The Republic of Georgia is an important gateway for future Russian military operations, especially those involving Turkey, Syria, and Iran. As tensions continue to mount between Israel and Iran as well as the U.S., Russia, apparently still under the ever-influential control of Putin, is not about to sit idly on the sidelines.

The Republic of Georgia is strategically located between Russia and Turkey, the latter an Islamic country that will likely side against Israel in a future regional conflict. With the Republic of Georgia under the control of Russia, Russian involvement in a regional offensive against Israel for taking action against Iran can be more readily accomplished.

Interestingly, such a scenario coincides with Biblical prophecies like those depicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39.