Movie Director throws spotlight on terrorist training camps in “Target Practice”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

24 July 2008: “The military compounds training terrorists on American and Canadian soil, that everyone talks about but no one seems to do much about, has made it to the silver screen.” Read the complete article by Canada Free Press Editor Judi McLeod HERE.

I had not heard about the movie Target Practice before reading the article written by award-winning journalist Judi McLeod, who correctly predicted my reaction to the heat of Hollywood’s spotlight on terrorist training camps inside the United States and Canada. I’m glad that this matter of critical importance to national security has garnered the interest of Hollywood, even though the risk of this matter being marginalized by incorrect portrayals is exceptionally high.

Having not seen the film, I cannot comment on its accuracy, nor would I care to offer a review even after seeing the movie. That’s not my venue. As an investigator with 23 years of experience under my belt, I deal in facts. And the facts are simple: Paramilitary style training camps operated by Islamic terrorists are currently operational across the United States and in Canada, and continue to operate with impunity despite being known to the appropriate governmental agencies.

I know this as I have personally conducted an extensive investigation and covert surveillance of such encampments in my capacity as a veteran investigator. On-site investigations and surveillance. I have seen a long-discarded elementary school bus situated at one of the compounds, bullet ridden and possessing signs that it was used for “practice” - an eerie similarity to the passenger aircraft body at the Salman Pak terrorist training camp in Iraq.

You can read about such observations archived on this web site and Canada Free Press. You can also read about this in The Day of Islam, a recently released book authored by Dr. Paul Williams. My investigative findings pertaining to Islamberg, the U.S. headquarters of the Islamic terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra were extensively cited.

These “camps” operate inside the U.S. and Canada to the peril of the security of our great countries. That they are allowed to continue to operate threatens the very fabric of not only our national security, but to our sovereignty.

Their mere existence should scare the hell out of every red-blooded patriotic citizen of the United States and Canada. The fact that they STILL exist should not only scare the hell out of you, but raise the ever important question and perhaps much scarier question: Why are they still here?

Based on my investigative findings, I can state with absolute certainty there is something very wrong taking place within our government. Not at the level of the agents and officers who are working in the field everyday, as I have heard from many of them. They have their concerns too, based on their own experiences with actionable intelligence being disregarded, not acted upon, or ignored.

No, there is something wrong at higher levels - very wrong. What levels?

The same levels that allow two U.S. border patrol agents to remain jailed for shooting and wounding a career drug criminal as he engaged in a drug smuggling operation at the U.S. and Mexican border.

The same levels that permit a career military professional to be dismissed from his duties at the Pentagon for failing to be politically sensitive when authoring a comprehensive report about the threat of Islamic terrorism in the U.S.

The same levels that issue insane directives that instruct officials not to use words like “jihad,” “Islamic terrorist,” and numerous other correct yet allegedly insensitive descriptive terms and phrases.

The same levels that misdirected legitimate investigation away from foreign involvement in the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.

I could cite example after example, all which transcend both major political parties in the U.S., despite the intense efforts by high-profile political pundits on both sides trying to sculpt the facts to fit their political agendas. Neither political party has an exclusivity to the truth, and the deliberate politicization of issues of national security is not only shameful, but dangerous at its very core.

To be continued…