Iran: when facts meet prophecy

The Next (Imminent) World War10 July 2008: While national pundits speak ad nauseam about the perils and pitfalls of our presumptive nominees for president, the world is at the brink of world war – a global war that will eclipse all others. Some dare call it Armageddon, while others – those behind the national microphones, hardly speak of it at all. Within the last 30 days, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again declared that the United States and Israel would soon be “annihilated.” Some believe the Iranian President to be blustering and bluffing, while a number of top leaders in the U.S. and Israel see the undeniable clouds of war forming.

Ahmadinejad’s latest threats - the harshest since 2005 - were made in the shadow of Iran’s test firing of missiles that are capable of hitting Israel and U.S. military assets in the region. How many Americans know that Ahmadinejad ordered the digging of 320,000 graves to bury the enemies of Islam, and that he is “calling for the unification of the Islamic world politically and economically, including the creation of a single currency?”

By all accounts, time appears to be running out. Are we bearing witness to the last days according to Christian prophecy? Is it coming upon us like a “thief in the night?”

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