Police Report: Mexican Army Members Busted for Home Invasion and Murder

26 June 2008: Mexican military incursion into the United States -. according to reports, active members of the Mexican military, heavily armed with assault weapons, hand guns, and wearing body armor fired upwards of 100 rounds in a home invasion in Phoeniz, Arizona on Monday.

Read the complete article HERE - A MUST READ.

Similar scenario predicted by the Northeast Intelligence Network over a year ago…

FLASHBACK: 2 March 2007: The February 11, 2007 seizure of military weapons in the US-Mexican border town of Matamoros has received little media attention despite the security implications to the United States. Official reports concerning the alleged destination and suspected implementation of the weapons have gone unchallenged, and the incident has essentially been written off as an artifact of the gangland style drug wars in Mexico. The theory publicized by government officials on both sides of the border, parroted without investigation, is that the weapons were likely intended to be used by one of two major drug cartels involved in a territorial dispute against each other and against the Mexican authorities.

What if the actual truth was far more ominous than that, and involved a military style, direct assault operation inside of the United States?