Flight 1544 Update: Pilot to tower radio communication “unavailable”

Annie Jacobsen: FBI Headquarters is now handling the Continental Flight 1544 incident

by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

FOLLOW-UP: 2 June 2008: With regard to the unavailability of the requested audio file referenced below, a representative from LiveATC.net explained that the audio feed for Houston ATC has been inoperable for several months. LiveATC.net is a premier training resource for pilots and air traffic controllers. They do their best to provide all available audio and data, but in some instances, feeds are simply not available.

We appreciate their input, thus clearing up this matter.

–Doug Hagmann, Director

31 May 2008: Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network continue to investigate the report of what can best be described as a “ground-fired missile” nearly hitting Continental Airlines Flight 1544 on Memorial Day. Our initial report was published on Tuesday following an interview with a passenger aboard the aircraft who witnessed the incident.

During the course of our investigation, we attempted to obtain the archived recording of the communications between Flight 1544 and the air traffic control center at Houston. Archives are routinely stored and are accessible via the Internet at LiveATC.net. When we requested the audio archive that would provide the actual pilot to control tower communication for the incident, we received the following message:

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Annie Jacobsen, author of Terror in The Skies, Why 9/11 Could Happen Again and investigative journalist of The Aviation Nation reported that the FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC is now handling the Continental Flight 1544 incident. Her report can be read at this link.

At present, the establishment media appears to have lost interest in this incident, approaching the “model rocket” explanation with insufficient skepticism. This should concern all Americans, and especially all members of the flying public.

Colleague Mr. Joshua Mezzacapo contributed to this report.