Islamist Chickens Roosting in America`s Backyard

The need for bullets, bombs and airplanes loaded with fuel and innocent passengers wanes with the greater influx of Islamist influence into American society.Doug Hagmann

21 May 2008: A potential audience of one million Arab-speaking cable subscribers of Time Warner in the greater New York area can feast on the Arabic Channel known as TAC to choose a menu that includes:

- A daily dose of Islamic jurisprudence from a sheik — most often Egyptian Amr Khaled, who wears a suit instead of a robe, advocating “peaceful jihad.” He opines on how it is the duty of Arab-Americans to become first, second, and always members of the Muslim ummah. The softness of his jihad-chic demeanor belies its exclusionary message: segregation of Arab-American Muslims from fellow Americans.

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