Aircraft Landing in Detroit Report Laser Activity

14 February 2006: Police and federal authorities are investigating reports that as many as 19 passenger planes arriving at the Detroit Metro Airport last evening were hit by commercial type lasers during their final approach. Pilots of the aircraft reported that lasers were being aimed at the cockpits of the aircraft from the ground. Initial investigation determined that the lasers apparently originated from the west end of the city along the Telegraph Road corridor, according to Dearborn Police Chief Michael Celeski. Most of the affected aircraft were reportedly approaching the airport from the north. Police searched the general area near Telegraph Road but failed to find the origin of the lasers or those responsible.

Last week, the crew aboard a Delta jetliner reported that someone pointed a laser at the aircraft as it was approaching Seattle-Tacoma International Airport On Tuesday, 7 February 2006. Crew members said they observed intermittent red laser bursts as the plane approached the airport for a landing at about 9:30 p.m.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is continuing to investigate the laser incidents against our passenger aircraft across the U.S.