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Genesis 12:3

Mohammed Cartoons Lead to More Riots, Deaths


8 February, 2006: The White house has made it clear that they think Iran and Syria have been fanning the flames of worldwide Muslim protests and riots in the wake of a Danish newspaper’s release of cartoon drawings of Mohammed last week.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a statement today, expressing confidence that the two nations had an active role in inflaming the current Muslim unrest, which has lead to multi-nation rioting, boycotts, and at least 11 deaths to this date.

The cartoons in question were originally published in September of 2005, in Denmark. Since then, other European countries have also published the cartoons with intent to draw attention to the fear that many hold of facing retribution from Islamics for expressing themselves through the concept of free speech.

Islam forbids illustrations or images of its prophet Mohammed. Even while some Muslim scholars and other world leaders (including President Bush) are calling for a peaceful end to these violent Muslim riots, this incident continues to present to the world a strong example of the basic incompatibility of Islam and a free Democratic society.