Escapee from Yemen Prison Might Have Ties to Buffalo, NY Terror Cell

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One Leader of “Lackawanna Six” Might be Among Escapees

8 February 2006: On Tuesday, the Yemen Times published a list of terrorists who escaped from prison last week, using a tunnel that emerged in a mosque about 500 feet from the prison (See related article below). Included on that list was a man identified as Gaber Al-Bana’a, who is believed to be Jaber Elbaneh, a member of the Buffalo, NY area terror cell busted in 2002 and dubbed by the media as the “Lackawanna Six.” Elbaneh is the nephew of Mohamed Albanna, who is an outspoken advocate for the six, who has continually proclaimed their innocence. Albanna himself was arrested and charged with sending more than $480,000 to Yemen without the proper license and is a named defendant in a three trillion dollar civil suit filed by some of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Jaber Elbaneh, formerly of Lakawanna and one of the leaders of the Lackawanna terrorists, had a $5 million price tag on his head. Although not confirmed, reports indicated that Elbaneh was arrested in January, 2004 in Yemen and was reportedly being held in the prison where the escape occurred.

The Yemen Times provided an official list of prisoners as distributed by the Ministry of the Interior (excluding terrorist leader Hamdi Al-Ahdal.

The official list consisted of the following names: Yaser Naser Al-Homikani, Mohammed Sa’eed Al-Omda, Fawzi Mohammed Al-Wajeh, Zakria Hasen Al-Baihani, Abudlrahman Ahmed Basora, Abdullah Ahmed Al-Remi, Fawaz Yahya Al-Rabe ai, Hizam Saleh Mugli, Gamal Mohammed Al-Badwi, Zakria Hasen Al-Baihani, Abdulrahman Ahmed Basurah, Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hoidi, Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Mukri, Aref Saleh Mugli, Shafik Ahmed Zaid, [b]Gaber Al-Bana’a,[/b] Hamza Salem Al-Kuaiti, Omer Sa’eed Gar Allah, Abdullah Yahya Al-Wa’ adi, Khaled Mohammed Al-Batati, Kasem Yahya Al-Remi, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Remi, Mansour Naser Al-Baihani.

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