UPS Flight Makes Emergency Landing With Major Fire in Cargo Hold

8 February, 2006: (AP) UPS Flight 1307 made a 12:22 AM emergency landing in Philadelphia with a major fire in the hold. The Aircraft was identified as a UPS DC8-71F Tail Number N748UP.

The incident took place during a regularly scheduled flight between Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Flight 1307 Aircraft Technical Details:

Compartment Load Capacity Main: 18 - 88? x 125? positions (224cm. x 318cm.) 7,850 cu. ft. (222.4 cu. m.)

Belly A: 855 cu. ft. (24.2 cu. m.)
Belly B: 435 cu. ft. (12.3 cu. m.)
Belly C: 780 cu. ft. (22.1 cu. m.)
Belly D: 430 cu. ft. (12.2 cu. m.)

Cargo Door Dimensions :
Main Cargo Door 140? x 85? (356cm. X 216cm.)
Lower Forward Door A 63? x 54? (160cm. X 137cm.)
Lower Forward Door B 44? x 36? (112cm. X 91cm.)
Lower Aft Door C 63? x 54? (160cm. X 137cm.)

Lower Bulk Door D 36? x 44? (91cm. X 112cm.)

The fire was fought for at least four hours while it sat on the tarmac, interfering with flight schedules across the country. Luckily, both pilot and co-pilot escaped unharmed.