The Mujahideen‘s harvest report

October propaganda report directed to Western viewers to influence opinions of the West, U.S.  in wake of mid-term elections.

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

17 November 2006: It is interesting to observe the methods employed by the various Islamic terrorist groups in Iraq and watch as they work the sentiments and opinions of Westerners.

The Mujahideen Shura Council is an umbrella organization of a number of different Islamic terrorist groups active in Iraq, attacking U.S. and coalition forces. For some time, they have been issuing monthly printed reports in Arabic about their “successes” against U.S. forces. Almost without exception, these reports are pure Islamic propaganda and issued to rally the terrorists fighting in the Iraqi theater. The statistics they provide are usually inflated and frequently used by other terrorist groups and once translated, are often cited by anti-war, anti-U.S. groups to sway public opinion.  For their October report, they made it easier to attract Western sympathizers. (The same video is also available in Arabic).

The most recent report was issued in a 59-second video format in English, which suggests that this report is being directed to viewers in the West instead of those fighting in Iraq.