Happy Holidays Infidel

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

18 November 2006: As the holiday season approaches we must keep in the back of our minds that the terrorists may indeed attack targets in Europe and possibly within the United States. This information is based on recent intelligence collected and the opinions of some within the offices charged with protecting us. Nothing hard as of yet, but a higher possibility than in recent holiday seasons simply because of the way things are shaping up around the world.

We are in a deadlock with Iran right now, there is much in the way of debate as to what will be the course of action in Iraq and sanctions against North Korea complicate matters. Since it appears that Tehran and North Korea are working together against the United States and Israel in the nuclear arms battle being irresponsibly played out in the United Nations, we are almost at a standoff. What usually happens when there is a standoff in any arena? Someone will make a move and if it is the other team it will be not just unwise, it can be deadly. There has been movement among the Mujahideen ranks as there are scattered reports that some of the al Qaeda fighters have been leaving the Afghanistan-Pakistan area and no one is quite sure where they are now. Obviously Iraq could be the destination since the terrorists feel they are winning there. The recent unofficially recognized establishment of the “Islamic State of Iraq” by MSC and being publicized by the Global Islamic Media Front is a brazen display of their grasp at the power structure within Iraq and the ridiculous belief amongst the Mujahideen that they feel victory is within their grasp.

No, you probably didn’t see that on the drive-by mainstream media as they were undoubtedly told not to relay this tasty tidbit of information to you.

With the elections and all, I’m sure it was a mere oversight on the part of the media. I was pleasantly surprised though that Nancy Pelosi and great grandpa Murtha weren’t ranting about it, as those two and their cohorts surely would have used that as an argument against how the war in Iraq is being waged.

I’m sure some will be dispatched to Darfur as the Islamic problem grows there. But I have the sneaking suspicion that a select few will be dispatched to a few select European countries. A few may end up here especially since you don’t need a Visa to enter the United States. All you need is $20K to $50K and some human smuggler will walk you right across the Mexican border.
The Christmas holiday, aside from the commercialized aspect of it is one of western religions sacred times as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. To Islam, this and most of our holidays are considered pure paganism. Anyone that follows the idiocies of Islam knows that they long ago demoted our Lord Jesus from his position to a mere prophet similar to that of Mohammed, only lesser than their dearly beloved pedophile.

There has been recent classified and de-classified data reminding law enforcement about the lily white, Muslim convert threat within the population. I’m glad that they are doing this as most people conjure up only the image of Middle Eastern men as potential terrorists. Be advised folks, they come in all shapes and sizes, all races with one thing in common which is Islam.

Considering the obvious ties between Nazism and Islam the concept of the white suicide bomber or terrorist is pure reality. Remember Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. Islam and Nazism have two things in common and don’t you ever forget these. They both hate the Jewish people and they both hate America. Do not ever forget these facts. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

We are all aware of the connections between Iran and al Qaeda but please remember that al Qaeda is no longer a group of men huddled in a cave in Afghanistan. They are now a worldwide movement with multiple franchises and at any time a franchised cell can and will conduct a terrorist act of its own accord without any clearance or approval from the hierarchy of the leaderships that we are aware of. They all believe they are directed and blessed by Allah for their murderous actions.

When the big boys come it will probably involve nuclear devices, biological weapons and chemicals as well as other methods of attack. The smaller cells can at any time run into a packed shopping mall, restaurant, church, movie theatre, school or any mode of mass transit and detonate themselves in a suicide attack. The smaller cells can, without permission from anyone, drive a vehicle packed with explosives into a building full of people. These are more of the types I am concerned with during this holiday season.

This holiday season hopefully will be a joyous quiet season. As always simply be aware of your surroundings. Tell your family you love them, worship your God peacefully.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.