Congressional Hearings to be Held in 1995 OKC Bombing

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

“We search for the truth. We seek justice. The courts require it. The victims cry for it. And God demands it.” –-The words of Oklahoma City Rescue Team 5 spray painted on the heavily damaged Murrah building, April 19, 1995


Congressman Leading Hearings on Middle Eastern “Payroll”

Critical intelligence documents that show a Middle Eastern connection have yet to be released

rtn11 June 2006: Think of the questionable ethics and corruption illustrated in the 1979 movie “And Justice For All,” apply that basic premise to the upcoming Congressional hearings investigating the Oklahoma City terrorist attack of 1995, and you will have a good idea how the hearings are going to play out. Somebody, with the vigor and passion of Al Pacino, needs to point out to Congressman Rohrabacher that he, and his entire subcommittee under which the hearings are to be conducted, is “out of order.”

It was announced last week that Representative Henry Hyde (R-Ill), has authorized hearings to determine whether there was any “foreign involvement” in the 1995 bombing. Hyde has given Rohrabacher’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee the authority to conduct interviews and subpoena documents related to the April 19, 1995, terrorist attack that murdered 171 dead, 22 of them children (3 unborn), and injured over 800 more. Unfortunately, the victims and their families of the vicious 1995 terrorist attack will be victimized again, this time by the duplicity of those who will be involved in those hearings.

The Northeast Intelligence Network has provided extensive investigative coverage on the Oklahoma City Bombing. Additionally, after an extensive review of the open source investigative information published by various sources, it is the qualified opinion of the professional investigators who make up the Northeast Intelligence Network that the sole and most comprehensive authoritative investigative work about the April 19th, 1995 bombing is The Third Terrorist written by Jayna Davis. It methodically makes the case that Middle Eastern terrorists had an active role in the murder of 171 Americans in the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil to that date. Sadly, compelling evidence of Iran sponsorship of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing remains classified. It will not be released without your help.

weepIn an interview with Northeast Intelligence Network director Doug Hagmann today, Ms. Davis stated:

“I am forced to consider the possibility that Mr. Rohrabacher is attempting to shift the blame to neo-Nazis and federal authorities for bungling a last minute sting operation, in order to deflect attention from tangible, but incendiary evidence of foreign complicity.”

Her book exclusively features a classified prior warning that prognosticated in the spring of 1995 that an “Iran-sponsored Islamic attack” would likely take place on U.S. soil, executed by “domestic” operatives.

Eighteen months of intelligence gathering from multiple informants embedded throughout the Middle East led the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare to sound the silent alarm. On February 27, 1995, Task Force Director Yossef Bodansky alerted the FBI and multiple federal law enforcement agencies that an international terrorism offensive, sponsored by “Iran and Syria,” was imminent. Washington, D.C. topped the hit list. The primary targets were Congress and the White House, a chilling foreshadowing of the infernal events of 9-11.

After the bulletin was disseminated to authorities, increased security measures stymied the terrorists’ original strategy to strike the nation’s capitol, but did not diminish their resolve. A contingency plot immediately shifted the focus from Washington, D.C, taking direct aim at the American Midwest.

On March 3, 1995, the Task Force chief authored an updated warning that predicted the Islamists had recruited “two lily whites” to bomb an American federal building in the “heart of the U.S.” Twelve cities, including Oklahoma City, were placed on the list of likely targets because of the radical Islamic groups and terrorist networks operating within those metropolitan areas.

“I did get, and later confirmed by numerous sources, certain criteria on how to better identify potential terrorist targets, but by the time I mastered this ‘method,’ it was too late for Oklahoma City,” Mr. Bodansky somberly conceded in private correspondence to Jayna, reiterating that the Task Force lacked the specific information needed to stop the bomb.”

“However, going over and reconstructing relevant data, some of which arrived only after the bombing but had originated prior to the bombing, Oklahoma City was on the list of terrorist targets,” the Task Force director added.

Congressman Rohrabacher formerly served as the co-chairman and a member of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.

Said Ms. Davis:

“I propose that he declassify the Spring 1995 alerts that predicted, weeks before the zero hour of 9:02 A.M. on April 19, that Iran-sponsored Islamist terrorists had recruited “two lily whites” (i.e. McVeigh and Nichols) to carry out the bombing of an American federal building.”

Why did the Task Force Director believe that Iran was going to sponsor a terror strike within our borders weeks before the truck bomb detonated, killing 171 innocent Americans, and what was done with that information?

I believe that Mr. Rohrabacher needs to answer that question himself – and be accountable to the American people.

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