After the London Bombings, What’s Next?

By Randy Taylor, Analyst

“I fully expect to see an attack in Canada, Italy, Sweden or Australia much like what we just witnessed in London.”

20 July 2005: This is the prevailing question in London and throughout the USA and the rest of the countries we consider both allies and non-allies alike. I’ve been asked this question more times than I care to speak or write about. The answer is quite simple. Beef up areas where our security is less than acceptable and do our best to thwart the terrorists.

Will they strike again? Inevitably, yes they will. Where? An additional attack could be any number of places here and abroad. Most likely I surmise that they will probably strike the U.K. again, as they are sitting right where Spain was sitting before they withdrew their troops from Iraq. It served no purpose for Spain to withdraw from operations as an ally of the United States as they are plagued today as much as ever with an al-Qaeda presence within their country. They are not any safer from a terrorist attack then they were before March 11, 2004 when their mass transit system was attacked. England will be attacked again if they remain in combat operations in Iraq and they will be attacked again if they withdraw from combat operations in Iraq. I hope the British realize this fact.

You cannot make a deal with the devil and expect the devil to keep his word. The word of Osama Bin Laden is garbage and it is imbedded in their doctrine to lie to us, the infidel to further their murderous operations. This is taught in their Islamic teachings and they will not deviate from it. The end will always justify the means to Islamic terrorists.

I dare say France may well suffer an attack soon, because although not an ally in Iraq, they are cracking down extremely hard on Islamic fanaticism within their country. Islam and al-Qaeda, along with their franchise terrorist operations may well conduct similar operations in Canada primarily because their society is much like ours, open and democratic and right next door to the United States. When the terrorists strike counties like Spain, Great britain and eventually Italy, Australia, Sweden and Canada (Canadastan) it sends a message of terror through this country that reverberates from coast to coast because it reminds us of how vulnerable we really are. Canada’s major cities are populated percentage wise with Muslims much like the U.K., and the hatred being preached in the mosques there is no different from the hatred being preached in the Islamic mosques worldwide. Terrorist websites are being operated and actively maintained from Canada spewing their hatred worldwide with no end in sight. The chances of the “homegrown” Canadian terrorist, the “quiet boy next door” becoming the next killer of innocent civilians are as high as anywhere where you have a concentrated Muslim population within a country that isn’t predominantly Islamic or doesn’t adhere to Islamic doctrine as a form of government.

“Terror” is not just deployed in the act of a bombing, murder or premeditated violence; it begins with instilling fear into the hearts and minds of mankind. Terror is just as much a mental condition as it is a physical condition. Somehow we have the developed a habit of associating “terrorism” with a physical act alone, when in fact terrorism is an entire condition which encompasses not just the physical aspects, but more importantly and even more effectively the mental aspect involved with terror. We are all victims of terror, although most of us never experienced or witnessed the acts firsthand. The sheer thought of dying inside a packed mass transit vehicle on our way to work will unnerve any rational man or woman. The attacks on societies much like our own is accomplishing the goals that the terrorists want to achieve. We are the “Great Satan” in the eyes of Islam and we will certainly be dealt with but in their own way, in their own time. We will suffer great mental anguish and uneasiness before an attack on our soil ever comes to fruition.

The al-Qaeda planners know that when they do attack the USA, it had better be something that will cripple us mentally, financially and take many lives. They will test the very limits of our resolve as Americans to withstand and go forward. In the interim, it is quite possible that we will find ourselves living much like they do in Israel. Small attacks designed to instill fear yet not large enough to provoke action against a country such as Iran the real Islamic core and central nervous system that perpetuates this mass horror worldwide. If they choose the smaller attacks as their method, it will suffice until they are ready to launch an all out assault on America. With this method, the terrorists that do conduct small operations will be labeled as the “bad apples” of Islam and because we are a tolerant society the remaining Islamic factions will be able to operate within our country, planning our demise and destruction while our laws protect them from any retaliation from the American public.

We have been suffering from a back door assault on America for years. The law enforcement community has been forced to soften towards Islam, many lawmakers have accepted contributions and monetary favors from Islamic groups and the mosques where anti-American and anti-Jewish hatred is taught are protected under our religious freedoms. We are in one heck of a mess and there really is no end in sight. It is a huge hole and I don’t know how we are ever going to dig our way out of it.I would say though, now is as good a time as any to start.